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Honda Avancier 1 generation 09.1999 - 08.2001

1 generation
09.1999 - 08.2001
1 generation
This station wagon was released in 1999 to fill the niche between the Accord and Odyssey and create a new understanding of cars of this class. Externally, the car looks great and even in something majestic - largely due to its large size inherited from the Odyssey minivan. A distinctive feature of its appearance is the window of the back door, which simply "crashes" into the space of the roof. The back of the body as a whole, namely the back door, combines a beautiful design and high practicality, which is well felt when loading and unloading luggage. Under the hood of the Honda Avancier is the VTEC engine - this is an in-line Quartet 2.3 liter (150 hp) or 3.0 V6 unit (215 hp).
 Avancier has a luxurious design and interior equipment. Of particular note is the rear seats, which in their width and the space around them can stand in a row with the seats of a limousine. And thanks to the second air conditioner, located separately from the central one, the rear seats have even greater comfort and convenience. For the first time in a Honda car, the gear selector is located on the dashboard, not on the floor. The ability to move inside the cabin without any difficulty is a rarity even for top-class station wagons. The on-board system display displays a variety of information about the car in a convenient visual form, the instrument cluster is highly informative. All-wheel drive modifications can be easily recognized by the aerodynamic body kit with metal moldings. The appearance of the car is complemented by fog lights, roof rails, alloy wheels. The standard equipment of the top-end 3.0 V-4 model included a driver's seat with a 4-position electric drive, a premium audio system with a 6-disc CD changer, xenon headlights.

 Like the Odyssey, the Avancier is equipped with a 2.3-liter inline 4-cylinder and a 3-liter V-shaped 6-cylinder SOHC VTEC engines. Modifications with the V6 engine were the first Honda cars to use a 5-speed automatic transmission. On the "ordinary" Avancier 2.3 L installed a 4-speed automatic transmission. For the station wagon, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions (4WD Real Time) are provided - in this case, the number 4 is in the model name. It should be noted that the all-wheel drive modification with the V6 engine appeared somewhat later - in February 2000. Fuel consumption in 10/15 mode on the 2.3 L and 2.3 L-4 models is 8.5 and 9.3 l / 100km. The models 3.0 V and 3.0 V-4 have 10.2 and 10.6 l / 100 km.

 The Avancier station wagon does not betray the “Honda” principles in the suspension design - a double independent linkage-type suspension gives this car high driving performance. Disc brakes on all wheels (front ventilated). Depending on the configuration, the car was equipped with tires 195 / 65R15 or 205 / 65R15 in front-wheel drive and 215 / 65R16 in four-wheel drive modifications. The total body length is 4.7 m, width - 1.8 m, which undoubtedly indicates the high class of this car. The wheelbase is 2765 mm, and the minimum turning radius is 5.7-5.6 m. As for the dimensions of the cabin, its length is 2055 mm, which can be recognized as one of the best indicators in the class, the width is 1480 mm and the height is relatively small for the sake of a more dynamic and sporty body design - 1215 mm. If you fold the rear seats (60:40) of the station wagon, you get a luggage compartment with a completely flat floor. You can only visit a narrowed trunk at the location of the rear suspension struts, which is why it is not so large in size.

 The new Honda Avancier body design offers enhanced collision safety. The standard equipment includes ABS with a brake assist system and EBD (electronic brake force control), which controls the braking force of the rear wheels depending on the load, seat belts with load limiter and pretensioner, i-SRS airbag system for the driver and front passenger . In the options - side airbags, discharge lights (dipped beam). Intelligent Highway Cruise Control (IHCC) was also offered as additional equipment - with the help of a radar sensor, the system is able to control the distance between vehicles.

 Among the advantages of the Honda Avancier, which are highly appreciated by the owners: a spacious interior, very comfortable seats, a good supply of space for those sitting behind. The car is dynamic (especially with the 3.0 engine), with good sound insulation, sturdy suspension. But leaves much to be desired trunk size and ride height. Engines often show a tendency to increased oil consumption, many are considered insufficiently reliable "automatic". With most consumables and popular parts, there are usually no serious problems, but body parts are considered expensive and rare. In 2001, a partial modernization was carried out. There is a new modification of the Nouvelle Vague, available lower height and stiffer suspension.