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Honda Avancier 1 generation, restyling 09.2001 - 06.2003

1 generation, restyling
09.2001 - 06.2003
1 generation, restyling
The updated Honda Avancier station wagon rolled off the assembly line in September 2001. At the same time, Honda is adding a new sporty Nouvelle Vague type with a 2.3 L VTEC engine - with improved driving performance based on the concept of elegance and dynamism, with a distinctive style and sophisticated interior space. The composition of the trim levels was slightly updated with improved interior equipment, while the price of the car became a bit more affordable. Top models, as before, are equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 VTEC engine in combination with a 5-speed automatic.
 In the lineup of the updated Honda Avancier, the new version of the Nouvelle Vague deserves great interest, which the manufacturer presented as a "sporty elegant station wagon." In addition to lowered sports suspension, the car is equipped with a front strut to increase body stiffness, tires with increased diameter (205 / 55R16) with aluminum wheels. The feeling of a higher class is enhanced by the chrome-plated exterior door handles and grille, the exclusive black interior color and metal trim (center console, door panels, gear knob), the car received additional lighting shades, a new instrument cluster, seats with improved lateral support . The Honda Avancier station wagon has also been enhanced with a new exterior kit to improve aerodynamic performance. The list of additional equipment includes a navigation system with a 7-inch display, an LCD monitor for rear passengers. Special edition of “Private Style” (2003) featured tinted rear windows that create a sense of privacy.

 Honda Avancier 2001-2003 continues to be equipped with a 2.3-liter inline 4-cylinder or 3-liter V-shaped 6-cylinder SOHC VTEC engines. Modifications with the V6 engine are equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission. On the "ordinary" Avancier 2.3 L installed a 4-speed automatic transmission. For the station wagon, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions are provided (4WD Real Time) - in this case, the name of the model has the number 4. Fuel consumption in 10/15 mode for models 2.3 L and 2.3 L-4 is 8.5 and 9.3 l / 100km The models 3.0 V and 3.0 V-4 have 10.2 and 10.6 l / 100 km.

 The Avancier station wagon does not betray the “Honda” principles in the suspension design - a double independent linkage-type suspension gives this car high driving performance. The "2.3 Nouvelle Vague" has a 15 mm lowered sports suspension. Avancier disc brakes on all wheels (front ventilated). Depending on the configuration, the car was equipped with tires 195 / 65R15 or 205 / 65R15 in front-wheel drive and 215 / 65R16 in four-wheel drive modifications. The total body length is 4.7 m, width - 1.8 m, which undoubtedly indicates the high class of this car. The wheelbase is 2765 mm and the minimum turning radius is 5.7-5.6 m. As for the dimensions of the passenger compartment, its length is 2055 mm, and this is one of the best indicators in the class, the width is 1480 mm and the height is relatively small for the sake of a more dynamic and sporty body design - 1215 mm. If you fold the rear seats (60:40) of the station wagon, you get a luggage compartment with a completely flat floor. You can only visit a narrowed trunk at the location of the rear suspension struts, which is why it is not so large in size.

 The new Honda Avancier body design offers enhanced collision safety. The standard equipment includes ABS with a brake assist system and EBD (electronic brake force control), which controls the braking force of the rear wheels depending on the load, seat belts with load limiter and pretensioner, i-SRS airbag system for the driver and front passenger . In the options - side airbags, discharge lights (dipped beam). Intelligent Highway Cruise Control (IHCC) was also offered as additional equipment - with the help of a radar sensor, the system is able to control the distance between vehicles.

 Among the advantages of the Honda Avancier, which are highly appreciated by the owners: a spacious interior, very comfortable seats, a good supply of space for those sitting behind. The car is dynamic (especially with the 3.0 engine), with good sound insulation, sturdy suspension. But leaves much to be desired trunk size and ride height. Engines often show a tendency to increased oil consumption, many are considered insufficiently reliable "automatic". With most consumables and popular parts, there are usually no serious problems, but body parts are considered expensive and rare. In 2003, the car was discontinued, as noted, due to the lack of commercial success in the domestic market. He did not receive a direct heir and was actually integrated with the Odyssey model.