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Console for Honda Civic Ferio 1 generation 09.1991 - 08.1995

  • Grade
    EL, ML
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Volume
  • Frame
Scheme fits to:
Steering wheel Right
Body style Sedan
Grade EL
Drive FF
Transmission AT MT
Fuel Gasoline
Engine D13B
Volume 1.30
Frame E-EG7
Produсtion years 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
Number Name Price from, USD Required
77180-SR3-000 Bracket, instrument center lower Discontinued 1
77189-SR3-000 Cover, center lower bracket Discontinued 1
83412-SR3-000ZE Console comp. *nh178l* Discontinued 1
83412-SK7-000ZF Cap, rear console *nh178l*; Cap, rr. console *nh178l* Discontinued 1
83417-SR3-000ZB Lid, fr. console *nh178l* Discontinued 1
83441-SR3-000ZB Console, rear *nh178l*; Console, rr. *nh178l* Discontinued 1
83442-SM4-000ZH Lid assy., switch hole *nh178l* Discontinued 2
88320-SB3-950ZM Ashtray assy., rr. *nh178l* Discontinued 1
91647-SH3-003 Grommet, screw 4mm Discontinued 2