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Instrument panel garnish for Honda Civic EG, EH, 5 generation 09.1991 - 09.1995

Scheme fits to:
Steering wheel Left
Body style Hatchback Sedan
Drive FF
Transmission MT
Fuel Gasoline
Engine B16A2 D16Z6
Volume 1.60
Frame EG5 EG6 EG9 EH9
Produсtion years 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
11 12 13 15 18 19
Instrument Panel Garnish
Number Name Price from, USD Required
04772-SR3-000ZC Panel assy., meter *nh1l* Discontinued 1
39600-SW3-305 Lighter unit, cigarette Discontinued 1
39628-S04-305 Cord assy. Discontinued 1
77160-SR3-000 Frame comp., instrument center lower Discontinued 1
77509-SR3-000 Stopper, glove box Discontinued 2
77542-SR3-000 Striker, glove box Discontinued 1
77755-SH3-010 Spring, coin pocket Discontinued 1
77295SR3G00ZB - Not available 1
77295SR3G00ZA - Not available 1
77500-SR3-003ZB Box assy., glove *nh178l* Discontinued 1
77500-SR3-003ZA Box assy., glove *nh167l* Discontinued 1
77710-SR3-003ZB Ashtray comp., fr. *nh178l* Discontinued 1
77710-SR3-003ZA Ashtray comp., fr. *nh167l* Discontinued 1
77721-SR3-000ZC Protector, cigarette lighter *nh178l* Discontinued 1