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Honda Fit GD, 1 generation 06.2001 - 05.2004

1 generation
(GD) 06.2001 - 05.2004
1 generation
Honda Fit for the domestic Japanese market (in the European market the car is called Honda Jazz) has been produced since June 2001 and from that moment does not cease to maintain a high level of sales and great popularity. This small car with its appearance resembles a minivan with incredible sportiness. The total length of the car is only 3.8 meters. However, despite its compact size, Fit adults can easily and comfortably accommodate four adults. Various design ideas are implemented here, for example, the fuel tank is located under the front seats. Interior design, in which sports notes are traced, meets the highest class and causes an irresistible desire to become the owner of such a salon. The dashboard design is also excellent.
 Honda Fit has a five-door hatchback body, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and is equipped with a continuously variable transmission (variator) or 5-speed manual gearbox. Initially, the car was offered only with an engine capacity of 1.3 liters. Since 2002, a one and a half liter version appeared. The car is presented in several versions, providing a different level of equipment, where the maximum configuration includes a navigation system, xenon headlights, fog lights, air conditioning with automatic control, tinted windows, plastic body kit, leather-wrapped steering wheel, upholstered seats, alloy wheels and t . The compact engine and transmission, the location of the gas tank under the front seats, allowed to increase the useful space of the passenger compartment: the car can comfortably accommodate five passengers. The rear seats, which are small in thickness, fold out in a ratio of 60:40 and are easily tucked away “on the floor,” thanks to which the luggage compartment receives a very decent additional volume. Due to the fact that the 1.3-liter engine of the Li-DSI series has a compact combustion chamber with two spark plugs, ideal conditions have been created for fuel economy. And in combination with the latest technologies that accelerate the combustion processes, it was possible to achieve 86 hp, while at the same time ensuring low gasoline consumption (5 liters per 100 km) and a minimum content of harmful substances in exhaust gases. The version with the 1.5-liter L15A power unit (VTEC, 110 hp) looks more powerful, and only it, in addition to the variator, provides a configuration option with a 5-speed “mechanics”. But still, most of the copies on the market offer a stepless transmission as a more convenient to use.

 The use of the Multi Fit Math S continuously variable transmission on the Honda Fit further enhances the economy of this vehicle. The CVT has a large number of modes that help either save fuel or give the car better dynamics - for example, it provides the ability to simulate the manual shift of seven fixed gears using the buttons on the steering wheel. Front suspension Honda Fit - suspension struts. In versions with all-wheel drive, a rear suspension of the De-Dion type is used, and in front-wheel drive cars - a continuous beam. Both designs provide high compactness, so the car got a low boot floor.

 The rack-and-pinion steering gear of the car is equipped with an electric amplifier, which is controlled by a microprocessor that changes the degree of effort on the steering wheel depending on driving conditions. Standard equipment includes: anti-lock braking system (ABS), brake force distribution system (EBD) and emergency brake assist (Brake Assist), as well as airbags for the driver and front passenger, seat belts with load limiters, front ones with pretensioners. At home, in Japan, the first generation was very popular: the Honda Fit twice became the "Car of the Year." And not by chance. Using imaginative comparisons, we can attribute the Honda Fit to those cars that seem “bigger than the outside” inside. A large supply of space, ease of loading, rich opportunities for transforming the passenger compartment and overall high functionality are the parameters that have largely ensured this car is in high demand, including in our country.