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Honda Fit GE, GP, 2 generation, restyling 10.2010 - 04.2012

2 generation, restyling
(GE, GP) 10.2010 - 04.2012
2 generation, restyling
In October 2010, Honda introduced restyling of the second-generation Honda Fit hatchback in Japan. The main modernization, according to tradition, is purely cosmetic - a three-section false radiator grille and new glasses with increased protection against ultraviolet rays are installed on all the “new” Fitas. All models of the Fit line began to show their individual features even brighter. The appearance of the basic versions 13G / 13L is improved to reduce the coefficient of air resistance, the "ECON mode" in CVT is added. RS models with a 1.5-liter engine (120 hp) gave even more "sportiness", and in the "1.5 X" the emphasis is on reducing fuel consumption. Of particular note is the appearance of a modification with a hybrid engine based on a 1.3-liter gasoline engine.
 Minor improvements have occurred in the Honda Fit trim set. Models with an engine 1.3 equipped with discharge headlights and installed a steering wheel with a braid made of genuine leather. Designers have updated the appearance of the rear spoiler "poltorashki" in the RS configuration, put a new cast. In addition, Honda considered it necessary to expand the number of basic configurations with new options that are designed to please their owners with either a remote key, cruise control, or heated front seats. The hybrid model is distinguished by some exclusive exterior details, a rich chrome interior, a dashboard painted in silver metallic, and a better interior in brown tones. For all versions, new Mugen tuning kits are offered. In August 2011 - an anniversary issue, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the start of sales of the model. The 13G 10th Anniversary hatchback received a Honda Smart Key system, an exclusive interior in black, chrome radiator grilles and wheel caps, LED turn signals in electric mirrors, a special logo, a passenger sun visor with a built-in mirror. The 13G 10th Anniversary II (October 2011) added a USB port and a rear camera to this list. The RS 10th Anniversary version features a Honda Smart Key kit, 16-inch alloy wheels, a special emblem and a black interior with orange stitching.

 The updated hatchback's hybrid engine is a tandem of the 1.3-liter engine and IMA system, a circuit tested by Honda Insight. Hybrid technology, a lot of attention to aerodynamics, and the installation of new tires with reduced drag made it possible to achieve excellent fuel consumption figures of 30 km / l (3.3 l per 100 km) in test mode 10-15. Thanks to various innovations, the fuel consumption of gasoline models 13G / 13L in the test mode 10-15 decreased to 24.5 km / l (4.1 l per 100 km). The updated base Fit also has improved aerodynamic characteristics, the LEDs used in the taillights consume less electricity, and a heat exchanger is installed to increase engine performance during cold weather, heating the liquid in the variator. The fuel saving is also facilitated by the special ECON mode. The most productive 1.5 RS and 1.5 X models are equipped with a 1.5-liter unit. In gasoline models, there are options with mechanics (6-speed for RS), and all-wheel drive with an automatic transmission is also provided.

 Front suspension Honda Fit - such as McPherson, rear - continuous beam or suspension De-Dion in all-wheel drive modifications. RS models feature sporty suspension settings. The basic versions of the hatchback were equipped with 14-inch wheels, for more expensive trim levels relied 15-inch alloy wheels, RS models - wheels 16 inches. The car has a compact size - 3900 x 1695 x 1525 mm (L x W x H). Wheelbase the hatchback has 2,500 mm, the turning radius is only 4.7 meters, and the car has a roomy trunk for its class. For example, in the hybrid version, its volume is 341 liters when loaded to the window line. It is possible to fold the back seat in parts and increase the available volume.

 The standard set of Honda Fit 2010-2012 includes the following set of systems and safety features: front airbags (driver and passenger), side airbags (optional), ABS, Brake Assist and EBD systems, seat belts with pretensioners and tension force limiters, stiffeners in the doorway. Some models include the installation of electronic stability control system VSA. For the 13G and 13G Smart Selection versions, the manufacturer offered the Honda Smart Parking Assist System as an option for parking assistance. Fit the second generation showed high performance in crash tests.

 The Honda Fit model is attractive not only for its economy, but also for the successful combination of other characteristics that are valuable for cars of a typical urban environment: compactness and at the same time spaciousness, good maneuverability, visibility, etc. e. Its weaknesses are usually called weak metal and paintwork, budget finishing materials, inconvenient replacement of candles, low and stiff suspension.