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Honda Fit GE, GP, 2 generation, 2 restyling 05.2012 - 08.2013

2 generation, 2 restyling
(GE, GP) 05.2012 - 08.2013
2 generation, 2 restyling
A new restyled version of the second generation hatchback Honda Fit and its hybrid brother Honda Fit Hybrid was introduced in May 2012. The update affected all trim levels from the most modest 1.3 to the top 1.5 RS. The changes in the exterior are minor - a new type of false radiator grille and a blue fill of the decorative elements of the headlights on the hybrid version can be noted. The main emphasis is still placed on new series and configurations. There is, for example, a special version for women “She's” with an improved set of options. With the Fine Style package, a whole scattering of additional equipment and decoration features is offered, depending on the configuration of the hatchback. A hybrid appeared in the top-end RS series with 114 hp. - Until recently, the RS-version was only in the gasoline one and a half liter model Honda Fit (120 hp). Base models with a 1.3-liter engine will offer a power range of 88 liters. with. (hybrid) and 100 hp
 Salon Honda Fit 2012-2013 improved by installing LED lights on the center console and illumination of cup holders. The car is equipped with a new fully automatic air conditioning system with Plasmacluster technology for highly efficient air purification. She's special equipment will delight women: in addition to an automatic air conditioner with a filter, there is a windshield that is impervious to infrared and ultraviolet radiation, as well as new side windows that do not pass 99% of the ultraviolet range, and the seats are sheathed with anti-allergenic fabric. The package of additional Fine Style options for the simplest configuration includes a xenon head light with auto-corrector, black leather trim with blue stitching, a front armrest. But, for example, hybrid models with Fine Style get the steering wheel and gearshift selector trimmed with leather, suede inserts in the cabin, chip key, special wheels, etc. If we talk about the new hybrid RS-version, then it has a sports suspension, the interior is mainly decorated in black, the speedometer has three shades, including red for the “Sport” mode. The Honda Fit hybrid propulsion system includes a 1.3- or 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine plus an electric motor that has 14 horsepower. If in the basic modification the engine produces 88 hp, then the 1.5-liter engine already has 114 “forces”. Honda has always been distinguished by the high fuel efficiency of its vehicles. In the ECON Mode, the Idling Stop function convenient for city driving is available, which muffles the engine when the car is idle for a short time, and even the air conditioner switches to energy-saving mode when this function is turned on. As a result, the Fit hybrid demonstrates surprisingly low fuel consumption, allowing you to drive up to 21-26.4 km per liter, depending on the version. Gasoline Honda Fit equipped with either a 1.3-liter L13A engine with 100 hp, or a 1.5-liter L15A with a return of 120 "forces". Different versions of the transmission make a very rich Honda Fit line - depending on the engine and equipment, the car can be equipped with a CVT, mechanical (5 or 6 steps) or - in an all-wheel drive version - with an automatic 5-speed gearbox.  Front suspension Honda Fit - such as MacPherson, rear - continuous beam or De-Dion suspension for all-wheel drive modifications. RS models feature sporty suspension settings. The basic versions of the hatchback were equipped with 14-inch wheels, for more expensive trim levels relied on 15-inch alloy wheels, RS models - 16-inch wheels. The car has compact dimensions - 3900 x 1695 x 1525 mm (L x W x H). The hatchback has a wheelbase of 2500 mm. Turning radius - only 4.7 meters. The car has a roomy trunk for its class. For example, in the hybrid version, its volume is 341 liters when loaded to the window line. It is possible to fold the back seat in parts and increase the available volume.

 As a standard safety kit for the Honda Fit 2012-2013, there are front airbags (driver and passenger), side airbags (optional), ABS, Brake Assist and EBD systems. With the 2012 Honda Fit update, head restraints for all seats and three-point seat belts became standard equipment for all trim levels. Most models are equipped with a stabilization system in the base. Fit the second generation showed high performance in crash tests.

 The Honda Fit model is attractive not only for its economy, but also for the successful combination of other characteristics that are valuable for cars of a typical urban environment: compactness and at the same time spaciousness, good maneuverability, visibility, etc. e. Its weaknesses are usually called weak metal and paintwork, budget finishing materials, inconvenient replacement of candles, low and stiff suspension.