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Honda FR-V BE, 1 generation 05.2005 - 08.2009

1 generation
(BE) 05.2005 - 08.2009
BE3, BE1, BE5
1 generation
Honda FR-V is a six-seater five-door minivan on the platform of the CR-V SUV. Its name is derived from Flexible Recreation Vehicle - "multi-purpose recreational vehicle." This car is positioned by the Japanese as a sports-style minivan and is produced there in Japan.
  The front row of seats consists of three full seats, each of which has its own adjustments. Moreover, the middle chair has a fairly wide transformation potential. Firstly, its pillow is divided into two parts and the front part extends forward - this is sometimes necessary when installing a child seat. Secondly, so that the one sitting in the middle does not interfere with the driver, the seat can be moved back a little further than the extreme ones. Finally, if there is no third passenger in front, the back of the chair can be folded down, and then you get a very comfortable wide armrest. Under the seat is a small box. In general, three adults can easily accommodate in front.

  Honda FR-V is equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine rated at 155 hp. with a six-speed manual gearbox. It uses a variable valve timing system j-VTEC.

  The only equipment in the catalogs of official dealers has an on-board computer, cruise control, xenon headlights, power accessories, 6 airbags, brake assist system "Brake Assist", ABS, central locking with remote control and immobilizer. The suspension uses double V-shaped levers. For the first time, this design most accurately determines the movement of the wheel while riding. No wonder the double levers are used on racing cars.

  In addition to the ABS and brake force distribution system, the driver of the new Honda FR-V will also be equipped with a stabilization system (VSA), which can “brake” the right or left pair of wheels if necessary and control the throttle.