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Honda Life 5 generation, restyling 11.2010 - 04.2014

5 generation, restyling
11.2010 - 04.2014
5 generation, restyling
In November 2010, the fifth generation restyling of Honda Life took place. The manufacturer offers simple, fashionable and practical cars of the “C” and “G” series, as well as stylish and sporty, outwardly aggressive - Life Diva. The changes are not that extensive, but are designed to enhance the attractiveness of the model. The “G” trim sets got a new front grille and spotlight type, which better illuminate the road surface. New metallic Aqua Topaz and Berry Red give the station wagon more personality. The Diva also has a new chrome front grill and discharge headlights, standard turn signal in the mirrors, and the new exterior color is called Mystic Night Pearl. The power unit and transmission of Honda Life remain unchanged - the 660 cc P07A about three cylinders, with or without supercharging; automatic, front-wheel or four-wheel drive. The most notable innovation in the Honda Life saloon is the trinocular instrument cluster, replacing the old single “ring”. The central part is occupied by a large speedometer scale with a built-in on-board computer display circle; on the left and right are the half rings of the tachometer and fuel gauge. The front armrest has become standard on the front seats, while Diva has special sports seats. Options for the G and Diva versions are the new navigation package, which includes a rear view camera and remote control buttons for the audio system on the steering wheel. In 2011, a number of options were supplemented by the G Smart Plus package - the car is equipped with a keyless entry and start system, an immobilizer and an alarm system, a fully automatic air conditioner with anti-allergenic filter, adjustable driver's seat height, and an outside air temperature gauge. Another special equipment Comfort Special appeared in 2012 - it will offer glasses with improved IR and UV protection, disk caps, and built-in mirrors in sun visors.

 The only power unit for the fifth-generation Honda Life is a 0.66-liter gasoline engine. In the atmospheric version, it produces a maximum power of 52 hp. (at 7100 rpm) and 60 Nm of torque (at 3600 rpm). In the turbocharged version - 64 hp (at 6000 rpm) and 93 Nm (at 4000 rpm). Transmission on all models is automatic 4-speed, the drive can be front or full. The efficiency indicator varies from 18 to 22 kilometers on one liter of gasoline, or from 5.5 to 4.5 liters per 100 km.

 Honda Life generation JC1 / 2 uses a traditional suspension scheme: the front is MacPherson struts, and the rear differs depending on the drive - semi-dependent on front-wheel drive cars and dependent (De Dion) on 4WD versions. The wheelbase has a size of 2420 mm. The car is equipped with ventilated disc brakes on the front axle and drum on the rear. Restyling did not affect the dimensions of the body: they are 3395 x 1475 x 1655 mm (L x W x H). The dimensions of the cabin are also saved - 2005 x 1295 x 1315 mm. In fact, Life has never been so spacious. For example, in a previous generation car, the interior dimensions reached a value of 1805 x 1275 x 1285 mm. A large number of storage compartments, hooks, pockets, etc. will also be pleasant for owners of this Life.

 The “C” basic equipment for the restyled Honda Life (from November 2010) offered front airbags, three-point belts (front with tensioners and load limiters), as well as an optional set of active safety systems (ABS + EBD + BA), the latter was standardly supplied with trim levels G and Diva. Some versions of the car also included discharge type headlights (HID), an upgraded Honda Smart Parking Assist system, which significantly simplifies the parking process (standard for G Smart Plus). The next update in June 2012 introduced a number of improvements. Models “C” have now received ABS with EBD as a standard, while older models received a system of smart keys, an immobilizer and an alarm system. Recall that this generation of the Life model was created in accordance with the “smile every day” concept. According to Honda, when developing every detail, its functionality, convenience, and practicality were considered from the point of view of the buyer, so the resulting mini-car, according to the creators, should always cause a smile for its driver. The car is notable for its economical efficiency, spaciousness, its maneuverability and visibility are excellent. Owners do not favor saving on noise insulation, hard and weak hodovka, the high cost of spare parts.