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Shift lever / shift holder for Honda Logo 1 generation, restyling 11.1998 - 03.2000

Scheme fits to:
Steering wheel Right
Body style Hatchback
Grade B G L
Drive FF
Transmission MT
Fuel Gasoline
Engine D13B
Volume 1.30
Frame GF-GA3
Produсtion years 1998 1999 2000
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Shift Lever / Shift Holder
Number Name Price from, USD Required
24311-PL3-020 Rod, shift Discontinued 1
24411-P20-000 Arm a, shift Discontinued 1
24421-PL3-000 Arm b, shift Discontinued 1
24422-PL3-000 Arm c, shift Discontinued 1
24440-PL3-000 Cam comp., reverse lock Discontinued 1
24456-P20-000 Spring, select set ball Discontinued 1
24461-PB6-000 Collar, spring Discontinued 1
24464-PL3-010 Spring, first-second select Discontinued 1
24465-P20-000 Spring, reverse select Discontinued 1
90082-PL3-000 Plug 28mm Discontinued 1