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Honda Odyssey 4 generation 10.2008 - 09.2011

4 generation
10.2008 - 09.2011
4 generation
In the fourth generation, this minivan with three rows of seats adopted another series of changes designed to improve the consumer properties of the model. The car received a lower platform and a reduced center of gravity, thereby further raising its driving performance. The exterior of the Odyssey gives the impression of sporting power, which is driven by a dynamic silhouette and a V-shaped design of the front of the body. The interior is quite spacious, and the review is significantly improved due to narrower racks. In general, in comparison with the previous series, the height and width of the cabin remained unchanged, and he added about 60 mm in length. So the third row passengers will not have problems with the placement of legs - there is enough space here. In the trunk floor there is a niche in which the third row of seats can be folded, and a flat floor is formed. The new generation was offered to customers in the trim levels M, L, Li and optional sports Absolute. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with a steering column with adjustable departure and tilt, xenon headlights, a rear spoiler and a wiper, a dual-zone climate control system, a navigation system with HDD and a multi-information display. Sunroof and alloy wheels are available as an option. All cars go without audio - the choice of system and configuration is up to the purchaser. The composition of the expensive Li models includes cruise control, 16-inch alloy wheels, a three-zone automatic air conditioning system, an electric driver’s seat, adaptive cruise control. Sports modification Absolute compares favorably with improved interior decoration, aerodynamic exterior panels, casting of 18 inches. In 2009, the Comfort View Package, which includes hydrophilic side-view mirrors with heating, front side windows with a water-repellent coating, became standard for all cars.

 In the sports version, Absolute Odyssey is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine with 206 hp. and shift paddles. Ordinary Odysseys are equipped with the same displacement engine, but its capacity is 173 liters. with. Modification Absolute is equipped exclusively with a five-speed automatic transmission, all the others offer a choice between a variator (front-wheel drive) or "automatic" (4WD). Absolute can also be in front-wheel or all-wheel drive (power 204 hp) performance. In 2009, the model reached a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption according to Japanese regulations in 2010 and received benefits from acquisition tax and weight tax. The Odyssey suspension is a fully independent double wishbone on both axles. In general, the Odyssey chassis provides a minimal change in clearance and roll, bringing the driver and passengers a feeling of complete comfort. For sports Absolute, as is always the case, a tighter suspension setting is retained. Considering that the car’s platform has remained the same (the size of the wheelbase and axle length are preserved), the minimum turning radius has retained its value - 5.4 meters, which are quite worthy for a city car with a body length of 4800 mm. And to visually simplify the parking process, Odyssey received an all-round visibility system - the perfect helper in tight spaces.

 If we talk about the safety of the Honda Odyssey, then first of all it is worth mentioning innovative solutions. In particular, the front pillars are made using hydraulic extraction technology, which allowed them to be narrowed to 30% and provide a better overview. In addition, the car in a regular manner acquired the Motion Adaptive EPS system, which combines the VSA stabilization system and the electric power steering. Under adverse road conditions, in the case of loss of control during cornering too quickly or emergency braking, this system automatically creates auxiliary force on the steering wheel, prompting the driver in the right direction for turning the steering wheel. Well, of course, a set of familiar systems and tools remains at a high level. As standard equipment, these are front airbags, active head restraints, ABS with EBD and auxiliary brake system (BAS), child seat fastenings. Options are side airbags and curtain airbags.

 Given the high level of comfort, quality and reliability, as well as the well-deserved reputation of the brand, used right-hand drive Honda Odysseys are a worthy alternative to many new minivans of the same class, the prices of which are usually very high, and the technical filling is often not so good. True, in this generation Odyssey offers only one engine capacity, but they are different in power, and even with a 173-horsepower base engine, the Japanese minivan has excellent dynamics. A sufficient offer for all-wheel drive versions.