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Honda Saber 2 generation, restyling 04.2001 - 06.2003

2 generation, restyling
04.2001 - 06.2003
2 generation, restyling
This generation of Saber, like Inspire, is a close relative of Accord and was created taking into account the requirements of the American market, where high-end sedans are in high demand, and where Inspire and Saber have gained great popularity. Therefore, these models are developed, designed and manufactured at Honda of America, the American division of Honda. In the Japanese market, they are considered imported cars.
 Compared with previous generations of the model, the body of this Saber has a more elongated silhouette, which gives it more sportiness, characteristic of all representatives of this model. The driving characteristics of the machine fully comply with its external image. Instead of the 5-cylinder engine traditionally used on this model, SOHC V-shaped 6-cylinder engines were installed here. Chief among them is the 2.5-liter engine, and for fans of fast driving, Honda has also prepared a 3.2-liter unit. Featuring a powerful, reliable and extremely mildly working engine, lightweight and responsive steering and dual independent suspension, this car has excellent sports driving characteristics. The Saber is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, but with the modernization of 2001, it was replaced by a 5-speed.