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Honda Stream 2 generation, restyling 06.2009 - 05.2014

2 generation, restyling
06.2009 - 05.2014
2 generation, restyling
The first-generation Honda Stream was a pioneer in the domestic market in the compact minivan category with three rows of seats for seven people. Having retained its belonging to this category, in the second generation the car has become even more comfortable and convenient in operation. The design of the “face” is made in the same recognizable style as that of Stepwgn and Odyssey. The body became lower - its height is 1545 mm (in the front-wheel drive version), and a reduced center of gravity contributes to better stability. It seems unbelievable that in such a low car seven adults can comfortably accommodate, but it is. The whole secret is in the new, flat floor design (the so-called "bathtub floor") - the floor level is the same on all rows of seats. The effectiveness of such a design in the third row, which, incidentally, can be folded in one motion, is especially obvious.
 With the advent of the second generation, Stream has changed very much, and no less noticeable inside, where a new, more functional front panel, an even more comfortable sports-type steering wheel appeared, again, more comfortable-type seats with good lateral support, as if grabbing a rider, providing a sports landing. In the basic configuration X, the car is equipped with an electrical package, air conditioning with a fully automatic mode and a cabin filter, a steering column with adjustable tilt and reach, tinted windows. Buyers were offered a very large selection of options to bring the car to "mind": navigation with a hard drive, sunroof, alloy wheels, xenon headlights, cruise control, anti-theft system, rear view camera, starting the engine with a button, electric seats, aero and t e. In 2009, the design of the radiator grill and the trim of the seats were changed, and the quality of the materials was improved. New modifications were added: “RST” with two rows of seats (five seats) and “Gi” with an advanced security system. Since 2011, the car has become a six-seater - the second row of the Stream has got, in addition to the central armrest, also a tray between the seats.

 Unlike the previous generation, where the 1.7-liter D17A engine (to be more precise, 1668 cubic meters) served as the base power unit, the new Stream got a 1.8 liter (1799cc) R18A (SOHC16) engine. This engine produces 140 hp. It is offered with a 5-speed automatic transmission, including an all-wheel drive version. For some of the more expensive RSZ trim levels and for the G-series, the two-liter SOHC16 engine with four cylinders of the R20A model is already intended, the power of which for the sake of environmental performance has become a little more modest than that of the two-liter K20A unit of the previous generation - 150 liters. with. against 154-158. This motor is equipped with an "automatic" or "variator", and in the first case we are talking only about modifications with all-wheel drive.

 The Honda Stream suspension has retained the previous generation type of construction - suspension struts in front and a double wishbone at the rear. Since the Stream was created as a car with characteristics oriented towards a sports slope, nodes were accordingly upgraded: suspension stiffness was increased, roll angles were minimized, etc. n. With the same gauge (1470 mm), the wheelbase of the car became even larger - 2740 mm (increased by another 20 mm), which was better reflected in stability. The same remained and ground clearance - 150 mm.

 Stream safety has significantly improved - while in the tests of NASVA (Japan) the first generation received five out of six stars for protecting the driver and front passenger, the new Stream earned six stars in both positions. At the same time, the basic version participated in the tests, by default it is equipped with ABS, EBD and Brake Assist systems, frontal airbags for the driver and front passenger, seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters. At maximum equipment, Stream offers an even higher level of protection. These are side airbags and curtain airbags, electronic stability control, traction control. Even the first Honda Stream stood out from the total number of minivans with its fast squat appearance, rather hinting at a sports wagon of a new formation, and even a family focus. The second-generation Stream continued the “sports theme” inherent in many Honda cars. At the same time, the buyer can choose the version he needs for the required needs - with a different transmission, engine and even a different number of seats. Fortunately, a wide offer for this generation makes it easy to make this choice.