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Honda Vamos Hobio 1 generation 04.2003 - 05.2018

1 generation
04.2003 - 05.2018
1 generation
The Vamos Hobio minivan is actually the same Vamos, but has grown in height. It differs from the base model not only with a higher roof (105 mm higher), but also with the design of the front of the body, a large grille and an enlarged front bumper of the original design. The rear end looks spectacular with the low and horizontally elongated rear combination lights that make you remember the first generation Honda Today. Inside, Vamos Hobio is more spacious, the layout options are richer, and the luggage compartment is equipped with all sorts of amenities for fixing luggage. Seats and doors are upholstered with water-repellent material. The engine, suspension, transmission, drive system and all mechanisms are similar to those on the Vamos. It is worth noting that there is also a commercial version of this car (van), equipped with rear seats of the inseparable type and having a luggage compartment with a flat floor - the Hobio Pro model. It was offered only with atmospheric engines.
 For Vamos Hobio in 2003, three trim levels were offered: M, L and Turbo. In the same year, a limited-time version was sold under the name Travel Dog Version. It includes washable rugs and bedding, an upholstery with dirt and odor protection, and even a walking bag for dog supplies. In December 2005, three new exterior colors were added. An additional lower view mirror is integrated in the left door mirror. The turbocharged model received an oil change indicator. In February 2007, the interior functionality was increased due to the new upholstery: the seats and doors are sheathed with water-repellent material, while the seat upholstery also absorbs unpleasant odors. All modifications, except for “Pro”, come without an audio player, but with a micro antenna. In 2010, the Vamos Hobio added a combination of instruments with chrome rims and blue backlighting rings, while the Pro comes with a standard CD player with an AM / FM tuner. In addition, turbo versions have been canceled. In 2012, the manufacturer combined all the Hobios into one G package, adding tinted windows, new exterior colors, and in the commercial version of the “Pro”, a new practical easy-to-wash coating (cargo floor / rear seat). All Vamos Hobio are equipped with a 660 cc SOHC 3-cylinder engine. see. Transmission can be 5-speed manual or 3- or 4-speed automatic. A turbocharged version is also available, which can be equipped with all-wheel drive (canceled in 2010). Atmospheric motors deliver a maximum power of 45-46 hp. or 52-53 hp Turbo versions have a power reserve of 64 horsepower. Depending on the modification, the gasoline consumption of atmospheric engines falls within the range of 5.6-6.8 l / 100 km. Models with a turbo engine consume 6.8-7.0 l / 100 km. A 36-37 liter fuel tank is enough to provide a decent range at full fueling.

 The front suspension of the Honda Vamos Hobio is independent (McPherson strut), the rear is dependent, such as De Dion, which ensures a comfortable and safe ride. The car is initially rear-wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive (on cars with 4WD) is connected only under certain conditions (4WD Real Time). The dimensions of the micro-van fit into the standards for subcompact cars: length - 3395 mm, width - 1475 mm, height - 1880 mm. The wheelbase has a length of 2420 mm. It is enough to successfully organize the interior space with a good supply of legroom for the rear passengers and to allocate as much space for the trunk as possible. By the way, the height of the cabin here is 115 mm more than the usual Vamos (1385 mm versus 1270 mm). The rear seats fold completely to the floor, forming a flat area: the Hobio separately, the entire Hobio Pro.

 The basic equipment of all Honda Vamos Hobio 2003-2018 models includes two airbags (driver and passenger). In the list of options (standard for Turbo, and since 2015 standard for all trim levels) - ABS anti-lock braking system with BAS emergency brake booster and EBD electronic brake-force distribution function. In the 2005 trim levels, an additional bottom-view mirror was installed on the left door mirror, which made it possible to reduce the "dead zone". In 2012, the headrests were redesigned to meet safety standards, and they became larger in size.

 Vamos Hobio is a unique version of a compact van with a high roof, which has everything you need for a good vacation. Plus, this is a very good option for the city, given its size and economy. Of course, you should not wait for high-quality sound insulation, and the dynamic characteristics are good only in the version with a turbo engine. Of the main shortcomings of the model, the owners call sail (in Hobio it is even higher), susceptibility to corrosion. And a small motor resource - it will not be difficult to disable the engine, especially if it is impossible to demand from the machine or not to comply with sufficiently strict manufacturer's recommendations.