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Obon 2021
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Honda Vamos 2 generation, restyling 09.2001 - 01.2007

09.2001 - 01.2007
2 generation, restyling
Vamos is a passenger van based on the Honda Acty commercial vehicle. In the second generation, it began to be produced in 1999, and in 2001 it underwent the first slight improvement. The exterior of the car is slightly retouched - in the front part, cosmetic changes have affected the grille and bumper. A new design bumper is also installed at the rear, and sections of the direction indicators in the combined lights become transparent. Vamos received new body colors (now there are eight). The size of the front and rear seats and head restraints was increased, the design of the rear row seat mounts was changed - this increased leg space by 30 mm, and the transformation of the cabin became more convenient. A number of improvements allowed to increase the equipment of the Honda Vamos and add a unique version of the tourist class Vamos Hobio to the lineup in 2003. As before, the micro-van is equipped with the corresponding “key-class” 660 cc 3-cylinder SOHC engine with 12 valves, producing 46 and 53 hp in atmospheric versions, the turbine engine with a recoil of 64 “forces is installed in the most powerful versions ".
 The Honda Vamos dashboard has been modernized: the position of the emergency lights and rear window heating buttons has changed, the configuration of the climate control levers, the design of the glove box and the additional shelf have changed. In the “L” and “Turbo” trim levels, the driver's seat is now equipped with a standard armrest, a CD player with an AM / FM tuner is included in the standard equipment, an “S-package” with a sports lowered suspension, 13-inch aluminum wheels is also offered. At the end of 2002, on the basis of the initial version of M, the “special A” series was released - at an affordable price the car offered a standard CD audio system with four speakers, including two high-frequency ones, and a function for remotely opening doors with a welcome light. In 2003, a new disc design and additional body color options were adopted, an MD / CD player in expensive trim levels, door upholstery and door trim were improved. In 2005, Honda Vamos divides the turbo version into two: M turbo and L turbo.

 The 2001-2006 Honda Vamos engine range includes gasoline inline 3-cylinder engines of the E07Z family with a working volume of 656 cc. All have a SOHC type design. Atmospheric give a maximum power of 46 liters. with. (60 Nm torque) or 53 hp (61 Nm). The base motor is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox (including 4WD options), or a 3-band “automatic”, more powerful - 4-band and an all-wheel drive system. The turbo versions have a power reserve of 64 horsepower, and the torque reaches a maximum value of 93 Nm, the gearbox is only automatic (4AT), the drive is rear or full. Depending on the modification, the gasoline consumption of atmospheric engines falls within the range of 5.6-6.8 l / 100 km. Turbo versions spend 6.8 - 7.0 l / 100 km. A 36-37 liter fuel tank is enough to provide a decent range at full fueling.

 The front suspension of the Honda Vamos is independent (MacPherson strut), the rear is dependent, such as De Dion, providing a comfortable and safe ride. The car is initially rear-wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive (on cars with 4WD) is connected only under certain conditions (4WD Real Time). The dimensions of the micro-van fit into the standards for subcompact cars: length - 3395 mm, width - 1475 mm, height - 1775 mm. The wheelbase has a length of 2420 mm. It is enough to successfully organize the interior space with a good supply of legroom for the rear passengers and allocate 260 liters of usable volume for the trunk, which can easily be increased by transforming the passenger compartment. The new design of the separate seats of the second row allows them to be folded completely to the floor, forming a flat area. According to the manufacturer, with a double passenger compartment configuration, two standard bicycles will enter the luggage compartment.

 The basic equipment of all models of Honda Vamos 2001-2006 includes two airbags (driver and passenger). In the list of options (or the standard for turbo) is the ABS anti-lock braking system with BAS emergency brake booster and EBD electronic brake-force distribution function. In 2001, all cars with "mechanics" received a system of obstacles to start up when the clutch pedal is not pressed. In the 2005 trim levels, an additional bottom-view mirror was installed on the left door mirror, which made it possible to reduce the "dead zone".

 Considered a machine designed for spending free time, Vamos has everything that is necessary for a good rest. After the update, the car became even more convenient and comfortable. And this is still a very good option for the city, given its size and economy. Of course, you should not wait for high-quality sound insulation, and the dynamic characteristics are good only in the version with a turbo engine. Of the main shortcomings of the model, the owners call sailing, a cold cabin, and susceptibility to corrosion. The engines of the model are very demanding on the quality of service and compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.