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Honda Zest 1 generation 02.2006 - 11.2012

1 generation
02.2006 - 11.2012
1 generation
Honda Zest is a high hatchback that shares a platform with Honda Life. The model is distinguished by a spacious interior and a very comfortable front solid seat. Thanks to the special “low floor” layout, the boot floor is only 530 mm from the ground - this is the lowest level in this class. The model is equipped with an i-DSI engine, atmospheric or turbocharged. Transmission - 4-speed "automatic", front-wheel drive or full. Zest was the first car to install security curtains. In addition, the machine is equipped with navigation on the hard disk, a hypoallergenic deodorizing filter, an alarm and an immobilizer. (February 2006)
 The line of modifications has been revised, now the only modification is available - "D". All vehicles have a hypoallergenic deodorizing filter and alarm. In addition, the Active Package appeared, which includes water-repellent seat linings and water-repellent rubber mats. (January 2007)

 The seats in the basic configuration are now trimmed with more pleasant material. Engine settings are adjusted, gas mileage is reduced. The range was revised again, a new modification of the “Zest Spark” was added, which differs in a more expressive exterior due to the changed shape of the headlights and bumpers. (December 2008)

 Reduced gas mileage on D, Spark G, and Spark W modifications (front-wheel drive versions with naturally aspirated engine only): it reached a 15 percent reduction in fuel consumption by 2010 standards. In Spark G and Spark modifications G Turbo ”is a new optional package“ Stylish Package ”. (June 2009)

 Prices for all-wheel drive versions of the model have been reduced: depending on the modification, the car now costs from 1.4 to 2.5 million yen. In the modification of "Zest Spark" appeared blue instrument lighting and silver trim interior elements. Available equipment for people with disabilities. (November 2009)