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Lexus GS300 S190, 3 generation, restyling 01.2007 - 12.2012

3 generation, restyling
(S190) 01.2007 - 12.2012
3 generation, restyling
In February 2008, the Russian Lexus office announced the launch of sales of the updated GS series sedans in our market. The Lexus GS430 was replaced by the new Lexus GS460, which is equipped with a 4.6-liter V8 engine with direct fuel injection. As for this version - the Lexus GS300, equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 engine, it still remains in the series (the same as the GS450h with a hybrid powerplant). During the restyling, the car received small changes in the exterior and interior, which include a new front and rear bumper, a different radiator grill and the shape of the door handles, new-design wheels and a modified steering wheel, mirrors with integrated turn signals. Updated Lexus GS received an upgraded suspension, and the list of equipment GS300 now includes a suspension stiffness control system (AVS), which before restyling was available only for the Lexus GS430.
 Complete sets for the Lexus GS300 model 2009 model year in Russia were offered three: Executive (base), Premium and Luxury. The equipment of all versions includes xenon headlights and headlight washers, front “fog lights”, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors. In addition, the base contains electric seats, wood trim, climate control, an on-board computer, an audio system with 10 speakers, a touch screen display on the center console, an intelligent owner recognition system, full power accessories. The Premium package will offer all the features of the basic version, plus a rear spoiler, leather and wood steering wheel trim, leather interior, ventilated front seats, and an electric sunroof. The top-end Premium package includes Mark Levinson premium audio system, DVD navigation system, 6-disc DVD changer. Lexus GS300 is equipped with a 3GR-FSE engine - it is a 3-liter gasoline V6 that uses a modern direct fuel injection system that provides excellent performance, high power (249 liters. sec.) and impressive torque (310 Nm). The proprietary variable valve timing system VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) provides continuous and accurate engine tuning for various operating modes. Acceleration to "hundreds" will take 7.2 seconds. The transmission on the GS300 is a 6-speed automatic. In this version, the sedan can be called quite economical - the average gas mileage for the Lexus GS300 is 9.5 l / 100 km. The volume of the tank is 75 liters.

 The third-generation Lexus GS suspension is fully independent, with double wishbones at the front and multi-link at the rear. Given that the GS is primarily a sports sedan, the chassis is tuned accordingly. For better stability, the car is equipped with an adaptive suspension stiffness control system (AVS), which is able to change the damping characteristics of shock absorbers. Ventilated disc brakes (334 and 310 mm) are installed on both axles of the car, providing the most effective braking. The standard wheel size is 225/50 R17. Car dimensions: length - 4825 mm, width - 1815 mm, height - 1430 mm. Wheelbase - 2850 mm. Turning circle - 10.4 m.

 GS Series vehicles use Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM), a system that recognizes potentially dangerous situations and makes adjustments to vehicle dynamics, thereby preventing possible loss of control. Power steering (EPS), an electronic brake system and traction control ensure reliable steering. In addition, the standard set of safety systems includes eight airbags, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system. A feature of more expensive trim levels is such a function as dynamic cornering light - the I-AFS system allows headlamps to “glance” over a turn.

 Lexus GS300 - a comfortable, dynamic and richly equipped car. As for the overall reliability of the machine, the margin of safety of components and assemblies, they are quite high, although, in the absence of timely maintenance, the characteristic “fifth cylinder problem” of the engine may manifest itself, while the “maintenance-free” gearbox still requires attention when aggressive riding is not a great resource.