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Lexus GS350 S190, 3 generation, restyling 10.2007 - 12.2011

3 generation, restyling
(S190) 10.2007 - 12.2011
DBA-GRS191, DBA-GRS196, GRS191, GRS196
3 generation, restyling
The Lexus GS350 is a business-class luxury sports sedan equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The car is built on the updated Toyota N platform with an increased wheelbase (by 50 mm) compared to its predecessor. In the Japanese market, the Lexus GS (S190) made its debut as a replacement for the Toyota Aristo sedan, of which it has been a double for the previous two generations and which was discontinued in 2005. From that moment, Lexus GS represents an independent model and at the beginning of production was presented in the following modifications: rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive GS350 with V6 engine, as well as rear-wheel drive GS430 with V8 engine. Later, a hybrid version of the GS450h was added, and the GS430 was replaced by the GS460. The new generation Lexus GS demonstrates L-Finesse's signature design language, while a long hood, a rearward-mounted interior and a short rear end create a swift profile resembling a sports coupe. The proportions of the body and the particular arrangement of its elements provide a low drag coefficient (Cd = 0.27). GS350 standard equipment includes 17-inch aluminum rims, xenon headlights with washers, front fog lights. Side mirrors are equipped with heated and electric folding, as well as auto-adjustment function in reverse. The heated front seats have up to 10 electric adjustments, in addition, optionally can be trimmed with perforated leather and equipped with ventilation. The electric steering column allows you to take a more comfortable position behind the wheel. Dual-zone climate control also comes as standard. The native audio system (AM / FM radio) has a six-disc CD changer, 10 audio speakers and automatic sound level support (ASL) at various speeds. All this wealth completes the color 7-inch multimedia display. Options include 18-inch wheels, a navigation system with voice control, an integrated hard drive, a Mark Levinson Premium Sound audio system with 14 speakers and other functions. In 2007, the Version I trim was added, offering a leather interior and memory for the driver's seat and steering column as standard.

 The Lexus GS350 AWD is powered by a 3456 cc V6 engine. The design features of this power unit (2GR-FSE) are the D-4S fuel injection system and the Dual VVT-i electronic valve timing system. Motor power increased to 315 hp and for the first time exceeded the previous 280-hp limit in Japan for cars. The powerful engine is combined with a 6-speed Super ECT automatic transmission, which uses an adaptive control system with artificial intelligence (AI-SHIFT). AI-SHIFT system selects the gearshift scheme depending on driving conditions and driving style. Average fuel consumption - 9.6-10l / 100 km.

 The GS350 AWD is equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive system with three differentials. The planetary limited slip differential of friction type with electronic control is used as the central one. The GS350 front axle utilizes highly placed double wishbones and alloy forged elements. The adjustable adaptive suspension (AVS) includes a body position control system that eliminates body roll in corners. Thanks to the combination of a four-wheel drive system and a proprietary integrated vehicle dynamics control system (VDIM), the Lexus GS350 AWD is distinguished by one of the best among cars of this class in terms of traction and road directional stability when cornering with acceleration. Standard electronic systems are responsible for active safety: anti-lock braking (ABS), Brake Assist (BA), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), stability control (ESP) and traction control (TCS). The structure of the standard holding devices Lexus GS350 included 10 airbags. The optional Pre-Collision System, using a radar, is able to determine the likelihood of a collision and automatically puts the suspension in sport mode for an optimal chassis response, as well as proactively retracts the front seat belts and uses an emergency brake booster to slow down more effectively to reduce impact force. To such a serious set are added “little things” like a parking assistance system, adaptive front lighting.

 GS350 has become in the domestic market the most popular version of the Lexus GS, which has an optimal set of characteristics, the release of which continued throughout the production of this generation. Thanks to the presence of a powerful engine and a high-tech chassis, the car is perfectly prepared for active driving, and in combination with all-wheel drive - also in any road conditions. Right-hand drive GS350 in the Russian market are represented by a limited number, but in terms of cost they represent an interesting alternative to left-hand drive cars.