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Lexus IS F XE20, 2 generation 10.2007 - 05.2014

2 generation
(XE20) 10.2007 - 05.2014
2 generation
In October 2007, Lexus announced that sales of the Lexus IS F sports sedan in Japan would begin on December 25, 2007, that is, Christmas Day. The main sales were planned in the USA, but it was also planned to sell at least 40 cars a month inside the country. Lexus IS F is the only car in its segment designed on the basis of racing technology, but at the same time suitable for everyday driving. Rear-wheel drive and a powerful five-liter engine make driving incredibly emotional. The appearance of the letter "F" in its name, the car is obliged to the track at the foot of Mount Fuji - Fuji Speedway. By the way, during the demonstration test race on the Fuji Speedway, which hosts the Japanese Grand Prix in Formula 1 racing, the new Lexus IS-F showed a speed of 240 km / h. As for the standard features of the car’s equipment, one can note the contrasting leather trim, the abundance of silver trim in the interior, the presence of a highly informative instrument panel in the classical style, where the speedometer is marked to the mark of 300 km / h and the tachometer up to 9000 rpm. The front seats have a pronounced lateral support in a sporty way, and the rear sofa is characterized by a raised anatomical shape with a lift in the central part, so it will be more correct to consider the car as 4-seater. The rear seat back has a hatch for access to the luggage compartment. The car is equipped with multi-diameter large-diameter tires on forged aluminum wheels - 225 / 40R19 in front and 255 / 35R19 in the rear. The optional Mark Levinson 14-speaker audio system delivers high-quality surround sound at every point in the cabin. This model is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 2UR-GSE engine and an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift transmission. The maximum power of the car is 423 hp. (311 kW) at 6,600 rpm, and the maximum torque is 51.5 kg-m (505 Nm) at 5,200 rpm. IS F is the fastest car of the Lexus family, the maximum mark on its speedometer is 300 km / h, although for Japan its speed is limited to 180 km / h. It takes less than 5 seconds to accelerate. An automatic transmission allows the driver to select gears manually, not only with the help of the lever, but also through the shift paddles. Excellent synchronization ensures smooth and fast switching.

 Sports technology for creating the chassis, previously used in the Altezza sedan, popular in the domestic market, the first IS analogue of which was the basis for the second-generation Lexus IS (XE20), and already, in turn, were honed when creating the Lexus IS F. However, he himself is seriously different from standard models. The developers had to thoroughly work on the modernization of individual suspension components in order to “tune” it to the characteristics of the engine, as well as on the transmission. One of the significant innovations in 2009 was the installation of the Torsen LSD differential on the car, which provided more efficient acceleration.

 The regular system of integrated vehicle dynamics control (VDIM) combines engine, steering and brake control, ensuring the most safe behavior and high stability of the vehicle, while it is equipped with a sports mode that allows you to use "to the full" all the capabilities of the car. Also from the security systems in the Lexus IS equipment for the domestic market there are: a full set of pillows, active head restraints, child seat mounts. Optional equipment includes a pre-emergency safety system with radar cruise control. In the Japanese market, the Lexus IS F sedan was offered in one configuration, but from year to year the composition of the equipment was improved due to various innovations and improvements. Initially, the cost of the car in Japan amounted to 7600 thousand. yen ($ 65,170), and the last copies sold in 2014 were offered at a price of already 8,331 thousand yen. Special versions like the “Blazing Terracotta interior” with an exclusive interior and the tuning modification “Dynamic Sport Tuning” were also produced. Used right-hand drive Lexus IS F imported from Japan can also be found on Russian sites, as an alternative to left-hand drive cars.