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Lexus LC500 1 generation 01.2016 - present

1 generation
01.2016 - present
URZ100, 5BA-URZ100, DBA-URZ100
1 generation
In 2016, the Lexus brand officially introduced the LC500 coupe in Detroit. It was based on the vibrant LF-LC concept of the work of the California design bureau, shown in 2012 and showing off new design solutions for Lexus. It took four years to create the production model - this time the work was carried out at the Toyota Technical Center in Aichi (Japan). The car was built using the new GA-L platform with a high content of ultra-strong steel and aluminum in the structure, as well as a rear steering axle. The Japanese claimed that they would make the coupe not only very fast, but also economical. To do this, it was equipped with a unique 10 (!) - step "automatic", which was taught to switch speeds as vigorously as a preselective robot does. Under the hood is the well-known 2UR-GSE, an atmospheric 5-liter V8 with 477 “power” returns, which makes the new product the brand’s most powerful production car since the 560-horsepower LFA.
 Lexus LC500 captures the eye with an aggressive exterior front end. The branded spindle-shaped grille in combination with the headlight blades here most closely matches the defiant appearance. No less striking details are mirrors on elegant legs, retractable door handles, eccentric shaped rear LED lights. The active spoiler is able to rise automatically when it reaches 80 km / h and retract 40 km / h. Doors without frames look very impressive. Only high-quality materials were used in the interior: leather and Alcantara, brushed aluminum trim, expensive plastic, fleecy carpeting. Of the unique features, we can distinguish the "horns" sticking out of the dashboard and responsible for changing driving modes and turning off the ESP. The central display by modern standards is small ("only" 10.3 inches), but the tidy impresses with its informativeness and design. For sound comfort meets the premium Mark Levinson audio system with support for DVD / CD / MP3 / WMA and 13 speakers.

 The coupe is driven by a five-liter 32-valve naturally-aspirated V8 2UR-GSE engine, known for the IS F and GS F models. For the LC500, it was finalized - the output increased to 477 hp, and the torque increased by 10 Nm to 540 Nm. The motor is equipped with inlet and outlet phase control, forged connecting rods, titanium valves, modernized camshafts and an intake system with two air spaced filters. The power unit works with a 10-speed "automatic" Aisin, which was created on the basis of the "old" 8-speed gearbox, but it turned out more compact, lighter, and the shift speed is less than 0.2 seconds. As noted, the automatic transmission has been improved torque converter, clutch lock, damper, there was another (fourth) planetary gear, gear ratios were closer, and the operating range expanded to an impressive 8.2. On the rear axle is a Torsen-type limited slip differential. Despite the lack of boost, you cannot call a slow coupe - to “hundreds” Lexus LC500 accelerates in 4.7 seconds.

 The Lexus LC 500 is based on the new GA-L platform with a longitudinally mounted engine and rear-wheel drive. In the new layout, the motor is shifted as far back as possible, the center of gravity of the machine is located as close to the middle and as low as possible. The location of the driver’s seat was also chosen to be as close as possible to the most difficult point of the compartment. As a result, the weight distribution along the axes is 52:48 in favor of the front, and the center of mass is located at a height of only 510 mm. The mass of the car is 2010 kg, while light components in the form of carbon fiber (roof) and aluminum are widely used in the exterior panels of the body (fenders, hood and trunk lid, doors) and suspension elements. The latter has a multi-link design, the rear is very compact and equipped with a steering mechanism. In Russia, the LC 500 is sold only in the Sport + version, which also means the presence of a “short” steering rack (only two turns from lock to lock), as well as a retractable spoiler on the trunk lid. The wheelbase of the car is 2870 mm, but they are not used for the benefit of those sitting behind - although the car is considered to be a four-seater, in fact, only the right-hand passenger can be placed on the rear "children" row with minimal comfort, if the front passenger does not move his seat back. Behind a tall driver, there is practically no room left behind. The boot volume of the coupe is also modest - 197 liters.

 The developers note the high level of safety of the Lexus LC 500 - in the manufacture of the body used laser welding and gluing of body panels, the frame includes multiple stiffeners (only six in the engine compartment). The standard set of components includes an integrated vehicle dynamics control (VDIM) system and a fully-controlled chassis, steering wheel with variable gear ratio, eight airbags (two front, two front knee, two front side and two curtain type), ISOFIX mounts for child car seats. Assistants include blind spot monitoring systems, an assistant when leaving the reverse parking lot (RCTA). Provides a tire pressure monitoring system, double door lock, alarm with tilt sensor, rear view camera with dynamic marking, rain and light sensors and more. According to Drom experts, the Lexus LC 500 plays on the field of the so-called GT class coupe, although it is quite capable of biting off a piece of sales from such seasoned sports equipment as the Nissan GT-R or even the Porsche 911. At least for the reason that almost none who no longer has in the arsenal of this atmospheric 5.0-liter engine. LC 500 can be a fairly inexpensive alternative to the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and S-Class coupe, BMW 6 Series, Jaguar F-Type. However, the initial quota for this unique Lexus allocated for our country amounted to only 30 copies.
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