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Lexus LS430 XF30, 3 generation, restyling 09.2003 - 07.2006

3 generation, restyling
(XF30) 09.2003 - 07.2006
3 generation, restyling
Lexus LS 430 - Executive sedan, known in Japan as Toyota Celsior. Official dealers in Russia offer this car with a 282-horsepower 4.3-liter engine and only in one, but the maximum configuration - "R3". Lexus LS 430 is also produced in Japan. It includes an on-board computer with climate and cruise control, leather trim, a cooled minibar in the rear armrest, electric windows, heated mirrors, a steering column, an antenna and a rear sunshade, central locking, immobilizer, alarm, stereo with CD changer and subwoofer, as well as door closers and trunk lid closers. From weather protection, there are heated windshields and wiper blades, a rain sensor and athermal glazing. The Super ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission) gearbox on the LS430 is exclusively automatic 6-speed with a curved cutout in the style of Mercedes. In the "sequential" mode, in order to switch to a higher gear, you need to push the lever away from you, and to a lower gear - pull towards yourself.

  To protect the driver, the steering column was used, which also absorbs impact energy even before the airbags deploy, which are more in the Lexus LS 430 than in any of the previous models. The car has two frontal airbags, side airbags, curtain-type airbags along the entire length of the passenger compartment and, another Lexus novelty, new airbags to protect the knees of the driver and front passenger. Together, these airbags protect the driver and passenger in the front seat from the head to the knees, while the passengers in the back seat are also well protected from side impact.

  Another innovation is the adaptive road lighting system. Analyzing the values ​​of the speed of movement and deviation of the steering wheel, AFS (Intelligent adaptive front-lighting system) commands the headlights, allowing the light beam to “look around the corner”.

  Stability Program (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) are standard equipment. Adaptive air suspension TEMS with new gas-filled single-tube shock absorbers allows you to adjust the ground clearance. Computer-controlled pneumatic elements with nine degrees of stiffness automatically lower the body with increasing speed.