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Lexus LS460L XF40, 4 generation 08.2006 - 09.2009

4 generation
(XF40) 08.2006 - 09.2009
4 generation
In the fourth generation (XF40 series), the Lexus LS is also presented with a version with a long wheelbase of 3.09 m in size (the “short” Lexus LS460 sedan has a base of 2.97 m). As befits a luxurious and respectable car, Lexus LS460L has excellent sound insulation. Inside, only high-quality materials that have passed the strictest selection. For the first time in this class of vehicles, Multi-zone Automatic Climate Control, which uses infrared sensors to focus on the human body temperature, is used and selects the necessary settings to maintain the required climate. Moreover, it can be different for each seat in the car, and the ceiling infrared sensor of the climate control system that monitors the body temperature of the passengers of the second row seats allows you to adjust the airflow if, for example, people got into the car from the cold or from the heat. In the domestic Japanese market, the car is presented in two drive options (rear and full) and the widest possible offer of trim levels.
 Speaking about the Lexus LS460L in the performance after the second restyling (2012), we can note the presence of gas discharge headlights, LED fog lights, LED rear lights, 235 / 50R18 tires on aluminum wheels, a keyless entry and start system, an optitron instrument panel, leather as standard equipment heated steering wheel and inserts made of bamboo, rear electric curtain, Alcantara ceiling sheathing, electric front seats and steering column (with memory function), a refrigerated box in the rear center armrest, electric trunk. In options: fully LED optics, 245 / 45R19 tires, electric sunroof. If we talk about the top version of the “Executive Package”, then Japanese masters had a hand in creating a space worthy of a presidential suite. At the same time, the interior can be either five- or four-seater. In the latter case, the two rear seats are separated by a fixed center console trimmed with natural wood and leather and equipped with a folding table, and the seat behind the front passenger has a retractable leg support, an adjustable backrest (up to 45 degrees), a multifunctional massage system for relaxation. Under the hood of the LS460L, the same engine is installed as in the standard version - a V-shaped 8-cylinder 32-valve engine with a 4.6 liter Dual VVT-i system. At 6400 rpm, it develops a power of 385 hp. (in the rear-wheel drive version). Later, power was increased to 392 hp. A heavier sedan with a long base is inferior in dynamics to the usual version, but very little: the specific power indicators are already good here - less than 6 kilograms of weight per horsepower. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission. In the all-wheel drive version, the torque between the axles distributes a compact limited-slip differential. Power in this version was originally 367 liters. s., was later increased to 370 hp

 All Lexus LS460 versions use electronic control systems. The VGRS system is an adaptive power steering that changes not only the force, but also the steering ratio depending on speed. Another clear advantage of the LS460 is its Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDIM) system. The electronic transmission control system controls the position of the accelerator pedal, and also provides a linear characteristic of the developed power and smooth gear shifting. In addition to VGRS and VDIM, the AVS adaptive suspension, which automatically changes the air suspension settings, helps to cope with the machine.

 In addition to these systems, the standard equipment for the Japanese market includes: ABS (with electronic brake force distribution control), VSC and TRC traction and traction control systems, Hill Start Assist lift assistance system, radar cruise control, tire pressure drop warning system , rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring system. A set of restraint systems includes frontal front airbags and knee airbags for the driver and passenger, side airbags front and rear, curtain airbags, active head restraints, seat belts with pretensioners, child restraints. In the Executive configurations, an additional pillow is installed in the ottoman chair (under the knees), which reduces the risk of passenger slipping.

 Lexus LS has always been the quintessence of the technical potential that has accumulated in the bowels of two brands: Toyota and Lexus. Unfortunately, the crisis did not allow the Japanese to develop a representative of the next generation, so in 2012 it was decided to limit the processing of the existing LS, especially since the model itself turned out to be very successful. But recycling has gone global. The rigidity of the body is increased, a new front panel is installed. A 12.3-inch screen and a multimedia information system with a remote touch joystick appeared. Those rare right-hand drive LS460L, which are sometimes found on Russian sites, are interesting for their prices and equipment.