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Lexus LS600h XF40, 4 generation 05.2007 - 10.2009

4 generation
(XF40) 05.2007 - 10.2009
4 generation
In May 2007, Toyota introduced new luxury executive cars Lexus LS600h and Lexus LS600hL in Japan. Both cars are unique to the Japanese and global markets - the premium sedan first received a hybrid powerplant. The central panel is covered with genuine leather, the machines are equipped with spotlights with three lenses. The main difference between the Lexus LS600h and the Lexus LS600hL is the size of the wheelbase and the length of the body. Lexus LS600h became the third hybrid model in which all-wheel drive systems and the Lexus Hybrid Drive system were combined, it should be noted that the fourth generation of the flagship Lexus (XF40 series) was created specifically with a view to the hybrid version, as the most progressive in terms of economy, but also the most luxurious in the history of the model. The basic equipment of the Lexus LS600h for the Japanese market includes 235 / 50R18 tires on alloy wheels, LED headlights with washers, fully functional side mirrors, doors with door closers, keyless entry and start-up system, electric steering column and front seats, dual-zone climate control, system navigation with a hard drive, audio system with DVD. Of the options - electric sunroof, leather interior, steering wheel heating, premium Mark Levinson Reference surround audio system. An even more luxurious interior with improved finishes and Alcantara ceiling upholstery offers the I package. The “Version S” configuration emphasizes active driving - a sports-tuned undercarriage, active stabilizers, 245 / 45R19 wheels, etc. The “version U” configuration has additionally improved comfort: this includes options for the younger versions, as well as a sunshade, entertainment system for rear passengers. After the second restyling in May 2012, the sports version of the “F Sport” was presented for the first time, and “Version L” took the place of the top-end equipment. The hybrid LS600h is distinguished by its power plant - a five-liter 394-horsepower V8 is docked with a CVT and a 165-kilowatt electric motor, thanks to which the total power is 445 hp. The hybrid has only a “constantly four-wheel drive” version (“razdatka” and Torsen differential), although other versions can have rear-wheel drive. The LS600h transmission is continuously variable electronically controlled. The car guarantees a smooth, powerful and confident acceleration. From zero to 100 km / h it accelerates in just 6.1 seconds. And the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. A car can drive up to 12.2 km per 1 liter of fuel, and CO2 emissions are extremely low - no more than 199 g / km in the combined cycle. LS600h makes it possible to use the fully electric mode (Electric Vehicle), which provides almost silent movement with a complete absence of harmful emissions.

 The Torsen limited slip differential transmits 40% of the torque to the front axle and 60% to the rear. The standard equipment includes adaptive adjustable suspension (AVS) and steering with variable gear ratio VGRS, which adapts to driving speed. Also standard equipment of the model includes an advanced integrated vehicle dynamics control system (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management, VDIM), which combines eight standard active systems and more effectively controls driving and acceleration control modes for maximum safety. The F Sport version is characterized by stiffer sport air suspension elements, active stabilizers, as well as Brembo six-piston calipers in front with oversized brake discs.

 LS600h's standard equipment for the Japanese market includes various assistance systems: cruise control, rear view camera with parking sensors, electric parking brake with Hill Start Assist holding control. Of the systems directly responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers: eight airbags (in the top-end configuration, additional rear side airbags are also installed), belts with pretensioners and load limiters, active head restraints, ISOFIX mounts. In addition, the car is equipped with advanced features to improve visibility: adaptive high beam system, rain and light sensors, mirrors with auto-dimming. In options: radar cruise control, night vision system with pedestrian detection, lane keeping system, blind spot monitoring. Lexus LS600h became the quintessence of the technical potential that accumulated in the bowels of two brands: Lexus and Toyota. The crisis did not allow the Japanese to develop a representative of the next generation, so the manufacturer limited himself to processing the existing LS generation, twice restyling, adding to the equipment list with new equipment, making the LS600h even safer and more luxurious. Naturally, it is difficult to imagine a Japanese car in the domestic market without exclusive series or special performances. So, for example, buyers could count on the L-Select program for individual selection of finishes, and in 2015 the LS600h was presented in the special specification “F SPORT X Line” in a unique color design of the exterior and interior.