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Lexus RC300 1 generation, restyling 10.2018 - present

1 generation, restyling
10.2018 - present
1 generation, restyling
The compact Lexus RC coupe has been in production since 2014. In 2018, the Japanese presented in Paris an updated version of the model. The coupe received a number of stylistic and technical innovations. The model was endowed with new bumpers and modified lighting equipment. Daytime running lights are no longer made in the form of separate "checkmarks", now they are under a single glass with the main headlights. This metamorphosis made the design of the front part more trivial. The taillights changed their configuration - their corner segments increased in size. New bumpers have a more complex, "sculptural" shape. It is argued that they are better designed in terms of streamlining. The youngest rear-wheel drive model of the Lexus RC300 coupe, which is offered on the Russian market, is equipped with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine in combination with an 8-speed automatic transmission Sport Direct Shift. The interior of the updated car is distinguished by polished metal inserts on ventilation deflectors and new analogue clocks identical to those used on the flagship LC coupe. The interior of the coupe has been improved through the use of new high-quality materials and trim options, the shape of the armrest between the front seats has changed, and the center console has soft leather inserts on the sides. Standard equipment includes a leather interior, a leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, dual-zone climate control with filter, premium Mark Levinson audio system, Remote Touch, and a 10.3-inch infotainment display. The F SPORT package includes a steering wheel and a F SPORT transmission shift lever, aluminum pedals and other features.

 Under the hood of the updated Lexus RC coupe in the basic version is the already familiar 2-liter turbocharged engine, which has the designation 8AR-FTS. The engine is equipped with Dual VVT-Wi inlet and Dual VVT-i inlet and develops a maximum power of 245 hp. according to DIN, and the maximum torque is 350 Nm. As noted, a small modernization of the power unit allowed to improve the throttle response. The engine works in conjunction with an 8-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic gearbox with manual shift paddles. The maximum speed of the coupe is 230 km / h. Acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h - 7.5 seconds. The engine meets the requirements of Euro-6 and consumes AI-95 gasoline. An innovative valve synchronization algorithm allows the engine to switch between Otto and Atkinson cycles, providing additional fuel savings - the average consumption is 7.2 l / 100 km. The fuel tank has a capacity of 66 liters.

 In the course of modernization, the chassis was reconfigured - there are new shock absorbers with stiffer bushings. Thanks to this, reactions to steering turns became more acute. The multi-link rear and double wishbones front suspension combined with the relatively small wheelbase and increased chassis stiffness typical of sports cars provide the Lexus RC 300 with high controllability, and the integrated vehicle dynamics control (VDIM) system ensures accurate and safe behavior at high speeds. The rack and pinion steering is equipped with an electric power amplifier (EPS), and the steering wheel makes 2.84 turns between the extreme positions. The coupe's ventilated disc brakes, in the “F SPORT" configuration, are equipped with reinforced mechanisms. The Drive Mode Select system gives the driver a choice of several settings, where SPORT S + mode is used for maximum engine and transmission performance. The dimensions of the coupe are 4695 mm in length, 1840 mm in width and 1395 mm in height. The wheelbase is measured at 2730 mm and the minimum turning radius is 5.2 m.

 The list of standard equipment for the Lexus RC 300 coupe includes eight airbags (two frontal, two-stage opening, front knee, front side and curtain airbags), VDIM dynamics control system (corrects the operation of the brakes, the system of directional stability and traction control), monitoring tire pressure, adaptive light, light and rain sensors. Driver assistance systems include blind spot monitoring, lane control, reverse assist when leaving the parking lot.

 Global sales of the updated Lexus RC coupe started at the end of 2018. Being the initial model in the line, the base rear-wheel drive model Lexus RC 300 has all the advantages of the RC family of cars (sports characteristics, a luxurious interior), but at the same time it is highly economical. An excellent addition is an outstanding design, with an update designed to improve aerodynamic performance. Among the shortcomings of the model - a tight back row and a small trunk, stiffer suspension.