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Lexus RX450h AL10, 3 generation, restyling 04.2012 - 09.2015

3 generation, restyling
(AL10) 04.2012 - 09.2015
3 generation, restyling
If the previous two generations of Lexus RX were sold on the Japanese market under the name Toyota Harrier, now it is built on a modified platform, while the former Harrier (an analogue of the previous Lexus RX XU30) continued to be produced in parallel, including a hybrid version that was produced from 2005 to 2012 . So in 2009, when Japan began selling third-generation Lexus RX, both hybrid versions were introduced on the market, and Japanese buyers could choose between the two models. True, the difference in cost was quite significant - even the most expensive Harrier Hybrid did not reach the price of the initial version of the hybrid Lexus RX450h. Be that as it may, the RX 450h is a premium crossover that combines the best qualities of a sports sedan and SUV, complemented by the presence of a hybrid Lexus Hybrid Drive powerplant. It is based on a 3.5-liter V6 engine, the first for the Lexus working on the Atkinson cycle. In the new generation, the Lexus hybrid has become even more advanced in technical and environmental terms. As expected for the Japanese market, the RX450h offers a very wide range of standard equipment and an impressive list of additional options. The salon is made in a luxurious style. The instrument panel is divided into two zones: the upper “information zone” includes a system for projecting instrument readings on the windshield, an 8-inch multi-function LCD; the lower “operating zone” is designed to control various systems, it includes multi-function steering wheel switches and a Remote Touch remote control system for controlling the audio system, navigation system, climate control, telephone and car system settings. In the lower part of the windshield, at the level of the driver’s eyes, the main parameters of the instrument panel are projected in white: vehicle speed, navigation information with the route, the state of the audio system. The hybrid power plant combines the power of a gasoline 3.5-liter V6 engine with a return of 248 horsepower and two electric motors, thanks to which they provide very high torque even at low revs and a dynamic start. If we talk about the characteristics of these electric motors, the front one has a capacity of 123 kW (167 hp) and has a torque of 335 Nm. Rear - 50 kW (68 hp) of power and torque of 139 Nm. Among the various upgrades, the RX450h received an advanced “EV Mode” movement mode (movement only on an electric motor). The fuel consumption of the new car is 6.3 liters per 100 km, which is much less than the RX350. If other comparisons are given, then the actual return of the RX450h is comparable to a 4.5-liter gasoline engine, and fuel consumption is comparable to the 1.8-liter engine of some sedan. In the design of the chassis, the RX450h does not differ from the RX350 - in front of it is an independent McPherson suspension, two-link in the rear. Used ventilated brake discs for all four wheels and an active electric power steering. The Lexus RX450h uses the same design as the RX400h in its transmission design - its hybrid engine drives the front wheels, and the electronically controlled E-CVT automatic transmission transmits traction to the wheels, while the power flow is divided into two: one is directed to wheels, the other on the generator to recharge the battery. In all-wheel drive versions, the rear electric motor drives the rear wheels.

 In addition to luxury and versatility, this crossover has a rigid body frame, excellent active and passive safety. The basic version includes a complete set of airbags, including front, side, curtain airbags and both knee airbags. In addition, the equipment includes cruise control, anti-lock braking system, brake force distribution system, auxiliary braking system, electronic stability control system, adaptive headlights, front and rear parking sensors, tire pressure monitoring systems and kinetic stabilization of the body. It is worth recalling that in Japan, various benefits for cars with enhanced environmental performance have long been extended. For example, buyers of the RX450h were completely exempt from purchase tax and weight tax. And this could not but affect the popularity of the model and its availability in the secondary market. Perhaps that is why the used RX450h with right-hand drive can be found more often than right-hand drive RX350 of the same generation, mainly in the maximum configuration and at interesting prices, which allows them in some cases to act as an alternative to hybrid cars with left-hand drive.