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Lexus SC430 Z40, 2 generation, restyling 07.2005 - 07.2010

2 generation, restyling
(Z40) 07.2005 - 07.2010
2 generation, restyling
Lexus SC430 is a sports coupe-cabriolet, the Japanese analogue of which until 2005 was Toyota Soarer, produced for four generations. As part of the latest generation, there was a transition from Soarer to SC430 in the domestic market, when in 2005 Lexus dealerships were officially opened in Japan, and an updated Lexus SC430 was presented to customers. As for appearance, the differences between the SC430 and Soarer are purely cosmetic. In particular, the design of the radiator grille and the bending angle of the hood were changed. Technical innovations became a little more fundamental: the SC430 was equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The equipment of the Lexus SC430 includes 245 / 40R18 tires on alloy wheels, xenon headlights, rear fog lights and an integrated rear spoiler. Inside, there are all the “usual” signs of a top-class coupe: leather seats, wood trim, electric front seats and steering column, DVD-based navigation system, Mark Levinson Hi-Fi system with 9 speakers and a 6-disc CD changer. The air conditioning and heating system automatically recognizes not only the presence or absence of a roof, but also monitors the position of the sun and the speed of the car. In accordance with the combination of these parameters, the temperature regime of the air supplied to the interior is determined, as well as the direction of its movement. So, for example, even when driving with an open top in fairly cold weather, passengers and the driver will not feel discomfort. To do this, warm air is additionally supplied through air ducts to the central and lower parts of the cabin

 Lexus SC430 has a "classic" rear-wheel drive and is equipped with a 4.3-liter 8-cylinder engine. Of the features of this power unit, it is possible to note the presence of the ETCS-I system (intelligent electronic throttle control system), which controls the throttle not only through changing the position of the pedal, but also depending on the speed of the car and engine speed. The VVT-I system provides high torque over a wide rev range. The engine develops 280 hp. at 5600 rpm and 430 Nm of torque at 3400 rpm.

 The SC430 powertrain is paired with an electronically controlled 6-speed automatic transmission, including sequential manual shift mode. The intelligent adaptive AI-SHIFT system automatically changes gears to suit the driving conditions and driving conditions. The car has a completely independent suspension (front and rear double wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar) and is built on a platform common with the GS430 sports sedan. A close to optimal weight distribution between the axles (53/47) provides maneuverability and controllability.

 4 airbags, an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), electronic emergency braking (EBA), three-position seat belts with pretensioners, an alarm for tire pressure (Run Flat), and a control system are responsible for driver and passenger safety Stability Program (VSC). In addition, Lexus uses the G-Link telematics system in its cars, which is connected to the car’s security systems, and when the airbags are activated, it will automatically send an emergency signal to the Lexus center, and if necessary, it will call an ambulance. In 2006, standard knee pads were added.

 The spectacular appearance of the Lexus SC430 is combined with a wealth of interior decoration, the car has even been recognized as the best car among convertibles and premium roadsters. However, despite the four-seater saloon, priority is mainly given to the driver and front passenger. With a powerful V8 engine, the car disposes to dynamic driving and even proved to be quite good in motorsport (of course, in modified versions). Over the years, the SC430 received a number of annual improvements, and at the end of the release in the domestic market, the exclusive Eternal Jewel series was launched in the amount of 200 units. The car differs from serial samples in that a significant number of options for interior decoration and interior colors, inserts from expensive tree species and a special plate with the name of the series and a unique number were available for the owner's choice.