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Lexus UX200 1 generation 03.2018 - present

1 generation
03.2018 - present
1 generation
In March 2018, at the Geneva Motor Show, Lexus introduced its smallest crossover, designated the UX. The name is derived from the phrase urban explorer - "urban explorer." This is the first Lexus developed on the new GA-C architecture. The manufacturer promises excellent handling thanks to the low center of gravity and the widespread use of lightweight materials. Interestingly, the conceptual version of the Lexus UX, presented by Toyota European design center at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, was presented in a mirrorless version (with special cameras in thin aerodynamic planes). In the production model, this radical decision has so far been abandoned. But unique tail lights with aerodynamic stabilizing planes (Aero Stabilizing Blade Lights, ASBL) have been preserved - they help prevent airflow turbulence, making a significant contribution to ensuring the stability of the rear of the crossover in corners and when driving in strong crosswinds. The rims also have an aerodynamic component - a special design provides both improved cooling of the brakes and a reduction in aerodynamic drag. For the first time in the new model, Lexus uses recently announced components and assemblies: for the UX200 version, they offer a new 2.0-liter gasoline engine (150 l. s.) in conjunction with the new Direct Shift variator.
 The interior design Lexus UX applied traditional Japanese motifs. The soft leather upholstery features a sashiko stitching. This is a Japanese embroidery technique used in the manufacture of martial arts equipment for judo and kendo. In other elements of the cabin, it is possible to use a new finish texture, dating back to the fibrous structure of Japanese washi paper, which resembles the design of traditional Japanese houses. The standard equipment of all versions of the Lexus UX includes LED headlights, alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, an adjustable tilt and reach steering column, height adjustment of the front seats, seat heating and electric mirrors, engine start with a button and keyless access. A higher level of equipment will offer fog lights, electric tailgate, leather interior, rear view camera, heated steering wheel. In the top version, the Lexus UX200 2019 is supposed to be equipped with adaptive headlights, an electric drive for adjusting the front seats, a navigation system, a sunroof and many other options. The power unit for the modification of the Lexus UX200 is a 2.0-liter atmospheric gasoline engine Dynamic Force - in-line, 4-cylinder, it is equipped with direct injection, VVT-iE technology, it is characterized by a high compression ratio (13: 1) and a thermal efficiency of 40% . The modern engine also features a variable displacement oil pump and an advanced cooling system. It produces a maximum power of 150 hp. (at 6600 rpm) and a maximum torque of 205 Nm (at 4800 rpm). The engine is paired with the new Direct Shift transmission, which combines mechanical first gear and CVT in its design. This combination brings its advantages - the car starts more dynamically from a standstill and at the same time provides a wide power range of the transmission, while the less loaded variator turned out to be more compact, fuel efficiency has improved.  The chassis, built on the GA-C platform (a variant of the TNGA modular platform), adopted in the new UX, uses a MacPherson independent front suspension and a double wishbone design at the rear. Electric power steering Lexus UX has a new compact and structurally rigid working mechanism on the steering column. The design is specially adapted for the UX - a larger diameter steering column shaft is installed. Brakes - disc in a circle. The overall length of the Lexus UX is 4495 mm, height - 1520 mm, width - 1840 mm, wheelbase - 2640 mm. Considerable attention has been paid to Lexus UX weight loss. Not only light metals, but also composite materials are widely used in its design. For example, the trunk door is polymer. Speaking about the luggage compartment itself, it should be noted that it is slightly smaller than the older NX (after all, the car turned out to be 145 mm shorter). The backs of the rear seats are folded in the proportion of 60/40, while this forms a flat floor. Of course, the Lexus UX 200 meets the most stringent safety requirements. The basic equipment of the initial configuration includes: 8 airbags, ABS and VSC systems, an automatic parking brake and an assistant when starting on the rise, a tire pressure sensor, rear parking sensors. In complete sets more expensive added cruise control, rain sensor, adaptive headlights. The UX is also equipped with the latest version of the Lexus Safety System + active safety suite of systems, which includes the Pre-Collision System (PCS) collision avoidance system, which can recognize pedestrians in the dark. In addition, electronics now allows cyclists to be identified during daylight hours. Also on the crossover equipment list is the Lexus Co Drive system (lane change warning and adaptive cruise control), a system for automatically switching high beams to low beams (AHB), and a system for automatically switching high beams to low beams with dimming the “blind” area of ​​an oncoming car ( AHS) and Traffic Sign Recognition (RSA).