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Mazda AZ-Wagon CY, CZ, 1 generation, restyling 05.1997 - 09.1998

1 generation, restyling
(CY, CZ) 05.1997 - 09.1998
E-CY21S, E-CY51S, E-CZ21S, E-CZ51S
1 generation, restyling
Mazda began to be considered as a serious car manufacturer only in the early 90s of the last century, when, in the wake of the economic boom in the country, it was able to significantly expand its distribution network for marketing its products. One of the important sections of this network is the Autozam trading house (for short, AZ), which in September 1994 launched the implementation of a passenger wagon of the “small minivan” type, which was called AZ-Wagon.  It should be replaced that Mazda had little experience in the production of small cars, and therefore had to call on Suzuki for help. And the wagon mentioned above is actually nothing more than an exact cast of the Suzuki Wagon R model, which at one time was what is called the hit of the season. But Mazda, while retaining the silhouette of the base model for its car, nevertheless made some adjustments: it changed the shape of the front grille (it became 5-sided) and performed a different gradation of the model range.  The layout of the machine, however, remained unchanged. The car has retained its high degree of practicality. Firstly, in order to facilitate the landing and disembarkation of passengers, the body doors were located asymmetrically: two on the left and only one on the right. Add another back door to the luggage compartment, and you get a 4-door body. Plus, there is a large supply of space between the heads of the seated and the ceiling of the cabin. The model had three categories of interior.

 The engine range included two engines: a 3-cylinder engine with a 12-valve gas distribution mechanism, the working volume of which was 660 cubic meters. see, and the same, but with a turbine. There are also two types of transmissions: a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. Type of drive - front wheels or 4WD.

 Subsequently, the model range was replenished with a modification with a 5-door body. In April 1996, the lineup was partially updated.