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Mazda Demio DY, 2 generation, restyling 04.2005 - 06.2007

2 generation, restyling
(DY) 04.2005 - 06.2007
2 generation, restyling
Mazda Demio is a car with almost perfect qualities of an urban compact car. After Demio survived the generational change, its driving performance was simply impeccable: when creating this model, Mazda focused on its excellent sports driving characteristics, which are so advanced and refined that it is almost impossible to find a car that has similar data. The all-new car was built on the DY platform, which in turn is a modification of the global Ford B3 platform used to create the Ford Fiesta car. The second-generation Demio repeated the success of the previous generation in the domestic market, where it entered the top ten best-selling cars, its fate was no less successful in foreign markets, where the model was also presented under the name Mazda2.
 The car does not exceed 4 meters in length and has a height of 1530 mm, while the dimensions of the passenger compartment (L x W x H) are quite comparable to the higher class: 1800x1410x1290 mm. In this generation, the manufacturer has raised the bar of equipment and significantly expanded the list of modifications due to the appearance of all-wheel drive and exclusive versions. The car was produced in three basic trim levels: Cozy, Sport and Casual. In a simple version of Casual (“everyday"), using standard variations of performance, emphasis was placed on young families with modest means. The Sport version stemmed from the demands of young individualists with an active lifestyle. Well, Cozy, which means “comfortable,” “cozy,” was more oriented toward women, given the special bright colors of the body, a cozy and comfortable interior, automatic air conditioning, and as an option, such an exceptional “thing” as white was available tent with electric control on the roof. The car in its second incarnation turned out to be very attractive, especially the versions of the exclusive performance of special series, such as “Casual Aeroactive”, “Stylish M”, “Stardust Pink”, stand out. The second-generation Demio is equipped with engines of the new family with a volume of 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters with a capacity of 91 and 113 hp. respectively. The Sport modification uses only a 1.5-liter engine. On the Cozy modification, only a 4-speed automatic transmission is installed, on Sport and Casual - a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. At the same time, the 4-speed “automatic”, which stands on the Sport configuration, has a mechanical control mode. Mileage per liter of fuel is 16-17.2 km, depending on version. After the modernization of 2004, the efficiency indicators became even better.

 The suspension design of the Demio remained unchanged - McPherson strut struts in front and a torsion bar in the rear. Due to the increase in wheelbase by 100 mm (up to 2490 mm), it has grown a little and the minimum turning radius is 4.9 meters. And yet this is a perfectly acceptable indicator. For some time, the car provided only front-wheel drive performance, but in November 2003, all-wheel drive modifications with an E-4WD transmission were released. The main feature of the machine is the control of the rear wheel drive with the help of an electric motor. Depending on the road conditions, such a “hybrid” system optimizes the supply of traction to the rear wheels. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, this principle is much more economical than the traditional scheme with permanent all-wheel drive, despite the fact that it is mainly used to smoothly start driving on roads with slippery surfaces - with increasing speed, the rear axle is turned off. The second-generation Demio sets the bar for safety. Standard equipment includes anti-lock brakes (ABS), EBD (electronic brake force distribution) and Brake Assist (auxiliary braking), two airbags; belts with load limiters and pretensioners, a ruggedized body with lateral stiffeners. Additionally, the car can be equipped with side airbags, curtain airbags, active head restraints. The main advantage of Demio, as a representative of the B-class, remains compact in a successful combination with incredible practicality. This maneuverable, comfortable car for a small family is perfect for urban use. Demio of this generation is not inferior in popularity to the previous series, but they offer more recent years of release and better technical condition.