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Mazda MPV

Choose chassis model by the car's market:

Asia and Middle East:
1995.12 (LV10E60, LV28E0W, LV28E0X, LV28E1W, LV28E1X, LV28E2W, LV28E2X, LV28E3W, LV28E3X, LV28E4W, LV28E4X, LV28E5W, LV28E5X, LV28E6W, LV28E6X, LV28E7W, LV28E7X, LV28E8W, LV28E8X, LV28E9W, LV28E9X, LV28EXW, LV28EXX)  1996.07 (LV5220T, LV5220V, LV5220W, LV5221T, LV5221V, LV5221W, LV5222T, LV5222V, LV5222W, LV5223T, LV5223V, LV5223W, LV5224T, LV5224V, LV5224W, LV5225T, LV5225V, LV5225W, LV5226T, LV5226V, LV5226W, LV5227T, LV5227V, LV5227W, LV5227X, LV5228T, LV5228V  1999.03 (LW28G01, LW28G02, LW28G0Y, LW28G11, LW28G12, LW28G1Y, LW28G21, LW28G22, LW28G2Y, LW28G31, LW28G3Y, LW28G41, LW28G42, LW28G4Y, LW28G51, LW28G52, LW28G5Y, LW28G61, LW28G62, LW28G6Y, LW28G71, LW28G72, LW28G7Y, LW28G81, LW28G82, LW28G8Y, LW28G91  1999.06 (LW28F01, LW28F02, LW28F0Y, LW28F11, LW28F12, LW28F1Y, LW28F21, LW28F22, LW28F2Y, LW28F31, LW28F32, LW28F3Y, LW28F41, LW28F42, LW28F4Y, LW28F51, LW28F52, LW28F5Y, LW28F61, LW28F62, LW28F6Y, LW28F71, LW28F72, LW28F7Y, LW28F81, LW28F82, LW28F8Y  2002.04 (LW28A00, LW28A03, LW28A10, LW28A13, LW28A20, LW28A23, LW28A30, LW28A33, LW28A40, LW28A43, LW28A44, LW28A50, LW28A53, LW28A60, LW28A63, LW28A70, LW28A73, LW28A74, LW28A80, LW28A83, LW28A84, LW28A90, LW28A93, LW28AX0, LW28AX3, LW28J03, LW28J13  2003.08 (LW28A00, LW28A04, LW28A06, LW28A10, LW28A15, LW28A16, LW28A20, LW28A25, LW28A26, LW28A30, LW28A34, LW28A35, LW28A36, LW28A40, LW28A44, LW28A45, LW28A46, LW28A50, LW28A54, LW28A55, LW28A56, LW28A60, LW28A64, LW28A65, LW28A66, LW28A70, LW28A74  2003.09 (LW28A04, LW28A05, LW28A06, LW28A14, LW28A15, LW28A16, LW28A24, LW28A25, LW28A26, LW28A34, LW28A35, LW28A36, LW28A44, LW28A45, LW28A46, LW28A54, LW28A55, LW28A56, LW28A64, LW28A65, LW28A66, LW28A74, LW28A75, LW28A76, LW28A84, LW28A85, LW28A86