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Mitsubishi Dion 1 generation, restyling 05.2002 - 12.2005

1 generation, restyling
05.2002 - 12.2005
1 generation, restyling
Dion, which began production in 2000, is a minivan whose interior is equipped with seven seats arranged in three rows. The car has a well-designed exterior design. The design of the front and rear of the body, which has a “box” shape, is not flashy, ostentatious, but at the same time is not without personality. The body is equipped with four doors, which can be classified as passenger cars, and rear “gates”. And the car interior, as already mentioned above, is equipped with seven seats located according to the “2-3-2” ​​scheme. The seats of the first two rows are of a usual design, and the seats of the third row are separate and have additional functions. These chairs are capable of swiveling and can be used as a bench while the car is stopped. The luggage compartment has a completely normal depth, but the width is a bit narrow. When developing Dion, the Mirage Dingo chassis was taken as the basis. The car uses a 2-liter inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine or a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine. Equipped with a Dion only 4-speed automatic gearbox. At first, Dion was produced only in the front-wheel drive version, a bit later all-wheel drive equipment was added. The dashboard design is very similar to the Chariot Grandis. Although the shift knob is located on the steering column, it is very easy to use. The minimum turning radius is 5.2 m, which is one of the attractive sides of this car.