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Mitsubishi eK Wagon 1 generation, restyling 12.2004 - 08.2006

1 generation, restyling
12.2004 - 08.2006
1 generation, restyling
This compact station wagon was created as a result of a thorough survey of users and actually became a new type of subcompact car from Mitsubishi. The name (read as "I-K") is a combination of the first letters of two Japanese words: "good" and "easy." The Mitsubishi eK Wagon was released in October 2001, and a general modernization took place in December 2004. The appearance of the car slightly changed, where some elements of the front end (headlights, bumper, grille) and rear part (combined lights) changed, turn signals appeared in the front wings. The engine is the same - 0.7 liters, 50 “forces”, but the number of modifications has expanded - the car can be equipped with an automatic (3AT or 4AT) or mechanical (5MT) gearbox.
 Some improvements affected the eK Wagon interior equipment: the center console was updated, new proposals for interior decoration appeared. There are two main versions - M and G. The basic one offers either “mechanics” or a 3-speed “automatic”, and from the equipment - air conditioning, power windows and central locking, electric mirrors with folding function, rear wiper, audio system with CD player. Options include fog lights, rear spoiler. The G configuration is distinguished by a 4-speed automatic transmission, which makes the car more economical and smooth in motion. In May 2005, a special edition of Bloom Edition was released. This version looks very stylish - it offered five new exterior colors, especially popular among women, a steering wheel with an artificial leather braid, a large rear center armrest with a cup holder, two remote keys, and an upholstery in seats made of high-quality suede fabric with a water-repellent coating. In October of that year, a version of “eK Kurashiki” appeared, named after the city in Okayama Prefecture, where the production is located, with a wide selection of body colors (10 shades), including the special “Muscat Green”; a number of options are also encrypted in the name: air purification filter (“Ku”), luggage mat (“Ra”), tray under the seat (“Shi”) and keyless entry (“Ki”).

 The power unit of the Mitsubishi eK Wagon 2004-2006 has not changed - the 3G83 3-cylinder 12-valve SOHC engine still produces a maximum power of 50 horsepower (6500 rpm) and a maximum torque of 62 Nm (4000 rpm). But the transmission options are now three. In addition to the front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive (4WD FULLTIME) performance is also provided. Depending on the modification, gasoline consumption is from 4.7 to 5.7 liters per 100 km. The size of the fuel tank meets the needs of this car - 30 liters.

 When developing the design of the chassis, the engineers managed simple solutions - an independent front suspension with MacPherson struts, and a rear suspension on trailing arms. Due to the low center of gravity, the car behaves perfectly on the road, which is confirmed by tests conducted in the USA. Steering - rack type with an amplifier. The design of the brake system is also without surprises - disk mechanisms on the front axle and drum mechanisms on the rear. The wheelbase of this micro-station wagon has a size of 2340 mm, and the turning radius is only 4.4 meters. Interior dimensions: 1830 x 1220 x 1280 mm (L x W x H). The trunk of the eK Wagon is small in size - this is understandable, given that the car is only 3.4 m long. In order to carry more things, you can fold the rear seat backs down - they add up to 50:50 (four-seater), but not on a flat floor, but with a small step.

 The basic equipment of the Mitsubishi eK Wagon 2004-2006 includes two front airbags (for driver and passenger), three-point belts (front with tensioners and limiters), side protection in the doors. An optional anti-lock braking system with brake assist and brake force distribution was offered. In the G package, an ABS package is standard equipment.

 High compact minivans have become a new trend in the market of light compact cars. We can say that eK Wagon was the product of this trend. Advantages of the car: ease of operation, economy, it is convenient for shopping, easy to maintain, good ground clearance. Disadvantages - cramped rear, poor insulation, tight short-stroke suspension, weak engine. The manufacturer offered other versions of the station wagon - eK Classy (in a classic design) and a model where a couple of “aspirated” was a more powerful turbo engine - eK Sport and an “off-road version” eK Active.