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Mitsubishi Galant 7 generation 05.1992 - 09.1994

7 generation
05.1992 - 09.1994
E-E52A, E-E53A, E-E54A, E-E64A, E-E72A, E-E74A, E-E84A, X-E57A, Y-E77A
7 generation
The 7th generation Mitsubishi Galant appeared in 1992 and turned into a middle-class sedan with a 3rd body size. This Galant was designed during the heyday of the soap bubble economy, when large, luxurious cars came into fashion. He fully follows the trends of that time.
 The car has an original appearance with smooth lines. Exterior and interior dimensions have increased. It uses V-shaped 6-cylinder engines of 1.8 liters and 2 liters. The sports modification VR-4, on which a V-shaped 6-cylinder twin cam engine with a volume of 2 liters and a power of 240 hp was installed, was also not forgotten. For the first time in the world, the latest technological developments began to be used on this model, such as an automatic transmission with manual control (INVECS system) and multi-link suspension on all four wheels. Simultaneously with Galant, almost identical models were produced - the Eterna sedan and the Emeraude hardtop.
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