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Mitsubishi GTO 1 generation, restyling 08.1993 - 07.1996

Mitsubishi GTO has a pronounced sporty appearance and is equipped with an unusual rear suspension, not like the rest of Japanese cars, as well as a V-shaped 6-cylinder engine with two turbines developing 280 hp, 4WD FULLTIME, 4WS systems, electronically steering suspension, etc. In addition, GTO has sports elements such as rear and front electric spoilers that can change their shape, as well as a switch that allows you to adjust the sound of exhaust gases. Could a car of such a high class appear on the market if it were not for the notorious period of the Japanese soap bubble economy? GTO was launched in 1990. The “4WD + engine with two turbines” system was developed and put into mass production. The GTO has 2 modifications: turbo and atmospheric. The American market reacted with the introduction of the Dodge Stealth model, which is the twin of GTO and was created by Chrysler, a partnership with Mitsubishi. In 1993, the model underwent minor changes, as a result of which the designers abandoned the "hiding" headlights. For the first time in Japan, low-profile wheels began to be used. From year to year there have been improvements and additions of new modifications. The latest equipment, produced since 1998, received a “strong” front end and huge rear wings.