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Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia 9 generation 05.2000 - 01.2003

9 generation
05.2000 - 01.2003
9 generation
This station wagon was created on the basis of the Lancer Cedia, which degenerated into a high sedan, and began to be produced in 2000. The simple exterior design looks fresh and creates the feeling of a small, light minivan. The radiator grill, made in an individually designed style, gives the car a generally masculine, undaunted look. Unlike the sedan, the rear overhangs of the station wagon are extended by 55 mm, the height increased by 10 mm. Lancer Cedia Wagon has a wide and comfortable interior, which can change the layout depending on the position of the rear seat. This car uses a 1.8 liter GDI engine. In 2001, during the modernization, a 165 hp GDI turbine engine was added to it. The naturally aspirated engine is equipped with an INVECS-III-CVT or INVECS-III-6-CVT transmission with sports mode, and the turbine engine has a 4-speed INVECS-III automatic transmission with sports mode. Modifications are available with 4WD FULLTIME drive and viscous coupling.

  Fans of sports riding can choose the equipment, the interior of which is equipped with a MOMO leather steering wheel, a gear knob also trimmed in leather, a silver instrument panel and red seats made in a sports style. There is also a rally version of this car, which has a pronounced sports image.
Lancer Cedia belongs to the class of compact sedans, which also includes Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sunny. This model has increased its height and expanded its interior space under the influence of the boom in demand for active leisure vehicles (RV). Lancer Cedia is equipped with engines of 1.5 and 1.8 liters. All engines used here belong to the GDI series and are considered environmentally friendly.
  Despite the rather high height of the Lancer Cedia, Mitsubishi claims that it is a compact sedan of modern times. On all trim levels of this model, with the exception of a relatively inexpensive modification, used mainly as corporate machines, a CVT transmission is installed (Continuously Variable Transmission, i.e. a transmission with a continuously variable gear ratio). Sports version Touring (1.5 and 1.8 liters) is equipped with a CVT transmission with the ability to switch to a 6-speed manual gearbox. All-wheel drive versions of the model are also available.

  On the basis of the Lancer Cedia was created and such a popular car among athletes as the Lancer Evolution.