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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 generation 10.2007 - 03.2016

The tenth generation of the Lancer Evolution is based on the Galant Fortis. The presence in the design of the appearance of the attributes of the new Mitsubishi sedans - such as a beveled "front" and a trapezoidal radiator grill - gives the car excellent aerodynamic data. The expansion of the body has a positive impact on safety and stability. The car is adequately equipped with the latest technology. We are talking about the all-wheel drive control system S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control), which maximizes the safety and controllability of the car, as well as the Twin Clutch STT transmission, whose dual clutch allows quick gear changes without significant loss of power during speed changes. The new 4B11 turbo engine with the MIVEC system and a volume of 2 liters, which replaced the 4G63 engine, develops a torque of 43 kg-m. The layout of the new engine, which "threw off" 12 kg due to aluminum elements, caused a decrease in the center of gravity. (October 2007)
 Modification “GSR Premium” has been added, the cabin with increased sound insulation of which is equipped with Recaro leather seats, the body is decorated with chrome moldings, and the chassis is equipped with Bilstein shock absorbers and BBS alloy wheels. On the GSR models, the interior design, including the dashboard, has changed. As for the engine, the maximum power has increased, now it amounted to 300 hp. (October 2008)

 The car received large aerodynamic thresholds of a new form. The interior equipment has become richer: now all models are equipped with a color LCD multi-information display, and on some modifications set cruise control. The use of new materials in the engine cylinder head cover reduced engine weight by 1.5 kg. (October 2009)