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Mitsubishi Minica 6 generation 01.1989 - 12.1991

01.1989 - 12.1991
E-H21A, E-H22A, E-H26A, E-H27A, M-H21V, M-H22V, M-H26V, M-H27V
6 generation
The 6th generation Minica began production in 1989. It continues and develops the features laid down earlier in Minica, namely front-wheel drive, a body with a “tight-round” and at the same time high layout, roomy interior space. Modification Lettuce was created in collaboration with a chain of supermarkets Seiyu. It is distinguished by an unusual layout of doors: on the right, the body has one driver's door, on the left - two passenger doors. In February 1990, internal Japanese standards for light cars changed, and the Minica engine capacity was 660cc. The dimensions of the body also increased slightly. The 3-door model began to be issued also in a complete set of a commercial van.