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Mitsubishi RVR 1 generation, restyling 09.1994 - 10.1997

1 generation, restyling
09.1994 - 10.1997
E-N11W, E-N13W, E-N21W, E-N21WG, E-N23W, E-N23WG, KD-N28W, KD-N28WG, Y-N28W, Y-N28WG
1 generation, restyling
This RVR has a compact body, easy to operate, has high ground clearance, equipped with two rows of seats. It began to be produced in 1991 after the development of the concept of the “car of the future” was carried out at Mitsubishi, and served as a model for many RV class cars. Its sales fell during the heyday of the direction of RV in the production of Mitsubishi cars.
 This minivan is complemented by a front safety arch (i.e. n "Kenguryatnik"), has achieved high popularity in the RV class, headed by such a famous SUV as Pajero. A little later, a sports version was added to this modification - the RVR Sports Gear, which was equipped with a 2-liter inline 4-cylinder 16-valve engine, with and without turbocharging. It was also equipped with a wide safety arc, aluminum engine protection, wider wings, a spare wheel placed outside on the tailgate, and had high ground clearance. As usual, the car is equipped with two front doors, a sliding side door of the passenger compartment and rear “gates”. This arrangement of doors has many advantages; It is convenient for boarding and alighting passengers. There was also a 3-door RVR version with a hard removable top (“targa”) and a version without a top. The ability to adjust the rear seats allows you to arrange them so that between the rows of seats there is a lot of space, almost like in a limousine. The high saloon is very comfortable.