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Nissan AD Y12, 4 generation 12.2006 - 12.2016

4 generation
(Y12) 12.2006 - 12.2016
4 generation
Nissan AD Expert - a commercial wagon, based on Wingroad, but with a lower luggage compartment floor and less wheel arches protruding into the passenger compartment - that is, more spacious. A number of differences from the usual Nissan AD made it possible to distinguish AD Expert in its lineup. So, Expert is considered the eldest specification of the model, and therefore it received the engine lineup starting with the base 1.5-liter unit, and not the 1.2-liter one, like the AD. In addition, the main line in the engine range is a powerful 1.8-liter unit with a return of 124 “horsepower”. Compared with the previous generation Nissan AD, the new model received a number of significant changes. For example, the opening of the fifth door is increased and the height of the floor is reduced for a more convenient loading. In addition, the cabin has more storage space for small items. For the first time, the manufacturer refused a mechanical gearbox - now the car is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, and for the 1.5-liter version, the variator is an alternative. There is also an all-wheel drive modification - exclusively with a 1.6 liter engine.
 There are no fundamental differences in the appearance and interior of the Nissan AD and AD Expert models. Unless at "Expert" the front and rear bumpers, door mirror frames and door handles are painted in body color. The quality of the upholstery material is slightly better; the rear seat can be supplemented with removable head restraints. Regarding various business amenities, AD Expert will also offer a recording tablet located on the center console, a 100V power outlet and a table integrated into the back of the front passenger seat, where you can deftly place a laptop. The car constantly received various improvements - for example, in 2009 the package for cold climates became the standard for 4WD versions, a year later an additional power outlet and auxiliary handrail were added, the car received an intelligent key and an engine immobilizer.

 Nissan AD Expert offered three powertrain options, all gasoline powered. The HR15DE base engine is a one and a half liter engine of the new series, its power in combination with a 4-speed automatic transmission reaches 109 liters. with. (148 Nm), and equipped with a variator, he adds a couple more “horses” under the hood. For the all-wheel drive version of AD Expert (it came only with an “automatic”), the 1.6-liter HR16DE was intended - it has the same 109 hp in stock and torque reaches 150 Nm. The most powerful version was received by the MR18DE engine - it has the same design as the previous units (4-cylinder in a row, type DOHC), but thanks to a very decent maximum power (124 "power") and torque (173 Nm) - this is the most frisky version of a commercial wagon. Nissan AD (Y12) received a front independent suspension with MacPherson strut struts. The rear suspension of the front-wheel-drive vehicles is, as before, a semi-independent beam, and in the version with all-wheel drive, a multi-link suspension was offered. The four-wheel drive is built in the Full-time type with a viscous coupling of the v-flex type with automatic torque control. The car has an electric power steering with a gear-rack mechanism, ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The dimensions of the station wagon are as follows: 4395 x 1695 x 1500 mm (L x W x H). All-wheel drive cars have a slightly higher ground clearance (145 mm instead of the standard 135). A 2600 mm long wheelbase makes the interior of the car the most spacious for all generations. The car is a five-seater, but the back seat cannot be called comfortable, in addition, it has a solid back, showing that we still have a commercial model. The carrying capacity is 400-450 kg. Continuing the tradition, the car boasts a decent amount of luggage, which in the new generation has become even larger.

 In the fourth generation, Nissan AD received three-point seat belts (waist for the middle passenger at the rear), two front airbags, anti-lock brakes with a brake force distribution system. The rear seats can be complemented by removable headrests. Nissan AD Expert remains an almost perfect example of an inexpensive commercial wagon. The differences from simple AD are actually minimal and not so significant, except for the opportunity to purchase a car with a more powerful 1.8-liter engine. When choosing this model for the role of a family car, it should be borne in mind that the fully folding rigid rear seat immediately turns the interior into a double one. The engines at AD Expert are simple and reliable, but nevertheless, in terms of “indestructibility” and ease of maintenance, they are inferior to previous GA-series motors. Among the shortcomings, owners usually call poor corrosion protection, the “wooden” interior. The car is practically devoid of sound insulation and quite hard on bumps.