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Nissan Bluebird Sylphy G11, 2 generation 12.2005 - 12.2012

2 generation
(G11) 12.2005 - 12.2012
2 generation
In the second generation, a luxury sedan of the 5th size changed the target group - now it is primarily designed for a female audience (the first generation was created mainly for older people). The streamlined forms of the dashboard, seats resembling open shell leaves make the cabin very comfortable. The following engine / transmission combinations are available: 1.5 L + 4AKPP (modification “15S”), 2 L + CVT (“20S”, “20M”, “20G”), 1.5 L + 4AKPP + four-wheel drive (“15M FOUR ") - only five options. In the “20M” version, for the first time, such an option is available as a system for automatically adapting the driver's seat to the driver's position. (December 2005)
 Armchairs are now lined with a pleasant to the touch material saturated with amino acids (HADASARA technology). In addition, the “intelligent” air conditioning system is now equipped with an even more effective filter that traps allergens. (May 2007)

 The list of standard equipment of all models now includes a remote key and an immobilizer. ETC, a contactless toll payment system on highways, has also become standard for cars equipped with Carwings navigator. (October 2008)

 The odometer / track meter displays information about gas mileage and supports Eco Drive mode. The front turn signals are amber. The design of the dashboard and center console has changed. Carwings navigator on the hard drive has evolved from optional equipment to standard. (May 2009)