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Nissan Clipper U71, U72, 1 generation, restyling 06.2007 - 01.2012

1 generation, restyling
(U71, U72) 06.2007 - 01.2012
1 generation, restyling
The cargo Clipper and passenger Clipper Rio are the result of OEM cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi (the latter, these models are called, respectively, Minicab and Town Box). This is the fifth miniature car in a row of Nissan, which appeared on sale in June 2007. It differs from the base model only in the decorative grille of the Nissan-specific design. Clipper Rio, in accordance with the modifications of the Mitsubishi Town Box, is equipped with both an atmospheric 3-cylinder 48-horsepower engine and its turbocharged version with a capacity of 64 "forces". All models can be equipped with all-wheel drive systems: in modification E it is plug-in (part-time), and in G it is permanent (full-time).
 As a purely passenger model, Nissan Clipper Rio will offer enough space for a comfortable trip for four people. The seats have a comfortable shape, including the rear ones, which are adjusted separately and are equipped with a built-in armrest. The salon has numerous compartments for things. The Special Pack includes a roof spoiler and a wood-like center console trim. Aero Version models are interesting in their appearance with bumpers of special design, side overlays. In December 2007, the dashboard trim became two-tone: gray and dark gray tones were used. The seats are now lined with non-marking water-repellent and grease-repellent material. Reinforced door locks, which increased the level of protection against burglary. In January 2010, the design of the instrument panel and steering wheel changed, the quality of materials in the cabin improved. Special modifications with a ramp for the carriage of wheelchairs have been released.

 Minivan Nissan Clipper Rio equipped with a 3-cylinder 12-valve SOHC unit, which bears the brand 3G83. The maximum power of the naturally aspirated version in modification E is 48 horsepower (at 6000 rpm), and the torque reaches a value of 62 Nm (at 4000 rpm). The turbocharged model G has a power of 64 hp. and a torque of 86 Nm (at 3000 rpm). The engine at Clipper Rio works in conjunction with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, and in later versions there are only versions with an “automatic”. A modernization carried out in August 2010 improved fuel efficiency by reducing friction in the engine (except for turbocharged models). Nissan Clipper Rio has a simple "hodovka": front independent suspension, rear dependent, both spring, guaranteeing a completely comfortable ride. Brakes - disc front and drum rear. The distance between the axles is 2390 mm. The standard wheel size for the Clipper Rio is 165 / 65R13. Because of this, the turning radius is slightly larger than that of the Clipper Van model - 4.7 meters. External dimensions: length 3395 mm, width 1475 mm, height 1890-1905 mm. With all the compactness of the body, the Clipper Rio is very spacious and easy to operate, thanks to the ability to change the location of the seats. Folding the rear seats, you can get a trunk length of 1.7 meters. An open sliding door forms a large opening, equipped with convenient thresholds and handrails - a comfortable landing and disembarkation of passengers is provided.

 Nissan Clipper Rio is a compact single-compartment (1BOX) with a semi-hood body layout that guarantees higher passive safety in a frontal collision. Clipper Rio comes standard with two airbags and an anti-lock braking system, three-point belts in all places. The car has a manual headlight range control, a high position additional brake light. At the end of 2008, in accordance with the new vehicle safety standards, the shape of the sliding door skids was changed.

 Compared with the commercial model Nissan Clipper Van, its passenger “brother” Clipper Rio is characterized by increased comfort, quite rich equipment in expensive versions. At the same time, its advantages remain practicality and spaciousness, maneuverability. A big plus is the availability of all-wheel drive versions. Disadvantages: weak atmospheric engine, high windage. Since January 2012, the release of a model called Clipper Rio was discontinued with the end of production of the base car Town Box.
Nissan Clipper Truck has been manufactured under an OEM agreement since 2003 and is a copy of the Mitsubishi Minicab mini truck. With a small update in December 2006, the design of the side mirrors was changed, the passenger is now with a panoramic segment from the bottom for confident maneuvering in tight spaces; speedometer readings became more accurate. All this has a positive effect on security. The vehicle equipment has been improved: a package of options adds a CD player and body-colored mirrors. The Clipper Truck has agricultural modifications based on the all-wheel drive version of the DX, with a manual transmission, reinforced rear suspension and standard tires with a more “evil” tread. All Clipper Truck are still equipped with a 3-cylinder 48-horsepower aspirated.
 The cabin of the Nissan Clipper Truck mini-truck inside looks simple, with a predominance of painted metal and primitive roof lining, cheap and practical trimmings from easily washable material on the floor and doors, and seats with dermatine upholstery. Head restraints are not adjustable and are rigidly fixed to the rear wall above the seatbacks. In the basic configuration, SD Clipper Truck is equipped with manual power windows and a radio, for an extra charge, a power steering and air conditioning were installed. The latter are already available on the DX. In January 2010, the Clipper family received an updated front panel with an upstream compartment for a 2DIN radio or navigation device, as well as a new instrument cluster. Added the Black Limited series with black exterior and chrome grille - based on SD trim levels (2WD and 4WD).

 The familiar powertrain continues to be installed on all modifications of the Nissan Clipper Truck: a 3-cylinder 12-valve aspirated valve designed by SOHC, which bears the brand 3G83. Its maximum power is 48 horsepower (at 6000 rpm), and the torque reaches a value of 62 Nm (at 4000 rpm). There are four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive versions. The engine at Clipper Truck works in conjunction with a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission. A modernization carried out in August 2010 improved fuel efficiency by reducing friction in the engine.

 Nissan Clipper Truck has a simple "hodovka": front independent suspension, rear dependent, the truck has it with springs. Brakes - disc front and drum rear. A short base of 2200 mm (190 mm less than the van) and small wheels with a dimension of 145R12-6PR provide a very small turning radius - 4 meters. External dimensions: length 3395 mm, width 1475 mm, height 1790 mm. The maximum load capacity is 350 kg with the weight of the car at 700-860 kg. Like all “adult” trucks, the Clipper Truck has a practical design of the rear platform with easy folding sides and comfortable running boards from below, under the platform there is a battery compartment with easy access to it. This mini-car is characterized by a small loading height.

 Despite its utility, the Nissan Clipper Truck is considered quite safe. The semi-hood cab design has enhanced passive safety performance. Two airbags carry the standard equipment of the updated versions of Clipper Truck, for an extra charge it was possible to install an anti-lock braking system. The car has a manual headlight range control to adjust the luminous flux depending on the load, a highly located additional brake light. A typical representative of the commercial class, Nissan Clipper Truck is simple and low price. This small truck is suitable for a variety of operating conditions, where compactness and maneuverability, high efficiency are required. A big plus is the presence of a four-wheel drive version of a mini-truck. Disadvantages: a rather weak atmospheric engine, a rather stiff suspension and small wheels. In 2012, the name Clipper Truck was changed to Clipper NT100.