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Nissan Cube Cubic Z11, 2 generation 09.2003 - 04.2005

2 generation
(Z11) 09.2003 - 04.2005
2 generation
This model is the same popular among buyers high compact station wagon Cube, developed on the basis of Nissan March. The only thing is that he has increased the center distance by 170 mm, which made it possible to install a third row of seats in the cabin. It turned out to be necessary in order to keep up with competitors, in particular from Toyota with its Spacio model and from the Honda company that produces the Mobilio car. The total length of the car is 3.9 meters, so it was necessary to use all the opportunities that the cubic body design provides in order to carve out space for additional seats. Interestingly, despite the small body, the third-row seats were not so narrow. In addition, both the seats of the second row and the last row are placed in such a way that the seats of the next row are slightly higher than the previous one, which provides an improved overview. Since the installation of an additional row was performed without prejudice to comfort on the second row, both models - both Cube and Cube Cubic - seem to be equivalent. But then, when necessary, more passengers can fit in the cabin of the latter. The engine of the Cube Cubic is of only one type and is exactly the same as on the main model: 4-cylinder, with a displacement of 1.4 liters (98 hp).
 Distinctive features of the car (in addition to the third row of seats) are: an elongated body, a redesigned front decorative grille, interior furnishings, distribution of niches and pockets for storing small items. If you expand the seats of the second and third row, you can load a fair amount of luggage into the cabin. The good thing is that the seats themselves are laid out and configured very simply. Unlike regular Cube, for the Cube Cubic model, the starting point is a richer SX equipment, which standardly offers an electrical package, a remote key plus a set of options. The EX version will offer alloy wheels, climate control. A special position is occupied by a car of the Rider category, which was developed and tuned by a subsidiary of Autech Japan. In general, the Nissan Cube Cubic is equally rich in special configurations with distinctive features of the exterior and interior design, as well as equipment: plus Conran, Agiactive, Trabis versions. Limited and more functional series “MD / CD selection” and “HDD Navi Edition” were also offered, and in the top version the car will offer 15-inch wheels, an automatic lighting system, a climate system with a plasma filter with ionic liquid, front fog lights and other equipment .  Nissan Cube Cubic together with the second generation Cube received a new CR14DE engine. In-line, 4-cylinder, DOHC type, with a working volume of 1.4 liters (1386 cc), it gives a maximum power of 97-98 hp. (at 5600 rpm) and a maximum torque of 136 Nm (at 3200 rpm). As for the transmission, it can be either a 4-speed automatic transmission, or the X-tronic CVT-M6 system, tailored specifically for the Cube Cubic model. The X-tronic CVT-M6 can be controlled using the steering wheel control system. The mileage per liter of gasoline for the Cube Cubic is declared by the manufacturer at 16-16.8 km, which corresponds to 6-6.25 liters per 100 km. The capacity of the fuel tank is 41 liters.

 The Nissan Cube Cubic has independent front and rear semi-independent suspension. It is equipped with a gear rack type steering with electric power, disc front brakes and rear drum brakes. Cube Cubic of the first phase of release (2003-2005) was offered only in front-wheel drive. The dimensions of the body are as follows: length - 3995 mm, width - 1670 mm, height - 1640-1670 mm. The wheelbase has a size increased to 2600 mm. The minimum turning radius is slightly larger (4.7 m) than the standard Cube (4.4 m), but it still allows the car to easily maneuver in tight spaces. Nissan Cube Cubic comes standard with R14 or R15 wheels. Ground clearance - 140-150 mm. Thanks to the increased length and sophisticated system for transforming the seats of the third row, the luggage compartment here is even more spacious and comfortable than the base model Nissan Cube. Larger and the opening of the back door, and the floor is flush with the lower threshold.

 The standard equipment of all Nissan Cube Cubic 2003-2005 trim levels includes two front airbags (side airbags are optional), an anti-lock brake system with an electronic brake force distributor and brake assist, seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters, child seat fasteners. The body has zones of programmed deformation, stiffeners in the doors, guaranteeing a high level of protection for the driver and passengers in a collision.

 Compared to the Nissan Cube, the more functional Cube in Cube deserves the highest praise for its spaciousness. The car has an easily convertible interior and plenty of storage space. There are also disadvantages: a tendency to corrosion, although the suspension is quite comfortable, it is rather weak and needs attention. In addition, the dimensions and weight (about 100 kg), increased compared with the usual “Cube”, somewhat worsened the driving performance of the model.