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Nissan GT-R R35, 1 generation, 3 restyling 07.2016 - present

1 generation, 3 restyling
(R35) 07.2016 - present
4BA-R35, DBA-R35
1 generation, 3 restyling
In March 2016, Nissan brought an updated version of its GT-R sports car to New York. In production since 2007, the car received noticeable changes in appearance - a completely new design of the front end with an enlarged proprietary V-shaped grille, a reinforced hood and a new spoiler. The latter provided an increase in downforce, and additional door sills on the thresholds improved aerodynamic performance, while the clearance remained unchanged. In addition to practical solutions, changes in the exterior added expressiveness to the car. In addition, the GT-R received a more rigid power structure of the body and an upgraded suspension, which positively affected the handling of the car. The manufacturer also made efforts to increase the comfort of its flagship sports car.
 The cabin has improved seats, which should become more convenient for long trips. The new front panel is completely upholstered in a single piece of high-quality Nappa leather (optional). If we talk about the controls, the number of switches decreased from 27 to 11, and the paddle shifters are located directly on the steering wheel, and not on the column. In addition, an eight-inch touch screen (one inch more than the previous one) appeared in the cabin, large icons make it easier to control the audio system, navigator, phone and other multimedia devices; the new Display command joystick on the carbon center console makes it easy to operate the display menu without touching it, which is especially convenient when driving at high speed. A multifunctional instrument panel allows the driver to customize it to their preferences. In addition, the GT-R has become quieter inside due to additional noise isolation and an acoustic windshield.

 The upgraded GT-R received a more powerful engine. Due to the increase in pressure, as well as the individual ignition control for each cylinder, the output increased from 545 hp. up to 570 hp and torque - from 628 to 637 Nm. The transmission of torque to the wheels is carried out using a six-speed "robot" with double clutch, which has been upgraded to improve performance, softer and more accurate switching. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the 2017 model year GT-R eliminated one of the characteristic problems - in the previous version, when starting from a place with a small opening angle of the throttle, the engine torque was limited, which caused delays in the reaction to pressing the accelerator pedal. Now, in a similar situation, the initial acceleration becomes smoother even with a small opening angle of the throttle. It can be added that the car was equipped with new titanium mufflers and the Active Sound Enhancement system, which allows you to adjust the exhaust sound.

 The upgrade also touched the chassis. Due to the use of new valve bodies in shock absorbers, their internal friction losses were reduced. Strengthening the suspension mounting points increased the stability of the car in the corners and the responsiveness of the steering, and also allowed the wheels to realize a greater load by maintaining optimal traction of tires with the road surface. Brembo monoblock brake calipers (6-piston front and 4-piston rear), Brembo floating compound ventilated brake discs (front diameter - 15.35 inches, rear - 15 inches) and brake pads with minimum steel content are responsible for braking. The ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system works in such a way that during normal driving the GT-R behaves like a rear-wheel drive car (the engine torque redistribution is 0: 100 in favor of the rear axle), but depending on the speed of movement, lateral acceleration, rotation angle steered wheels, road conditions and tire grip, the torque from the engine can also be transmitted to the front axle, and the distribution of the moment along the axes can reach a ratio of 50:50. The modernization of structural elements allowed to increase the rigidity of the body. In addition, the car is equipped with the Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) system, which includes frontal airbags with two-stage deployment, intelligent seat belts and sensors that determine the parameters of a person sitting in a chair, depending on the readings of which the system decides whether to deploy and the degree of filling of a particular airbag. Also included in the standard systems are side airbags, curtain airbags, the Advanced Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) dynamic stabilization system with three driver-selectable operating modes (Normal, R-Mode, Off), the Electronic Traction Control System (TCS) traction control, and anti-lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution system, RearView Monitor, tire pressure monitoring and automatic headlights.