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Nissan Otti H91, 1 generation 06.2005 - 09.2006

1 generation
(H91) 06.2005 - 09.2006
1 generation
The model is one of the small cars that, being developed by other companies, goes on sale under the Nissan brand name. More precisely, this is the third case of this kind. The first and second numbers in the list of such models (referred to as “OEM models”) are Moco and Clipper cars. As for the Otti in question, this car is made on the basis of the Mitsubishi eK Wagon, which is ranked as a subgroup of the so-called “half-high” station wagons. The model under the Nissan brand differs from its original model with emblems in the front or back, the shape of the front grille in a corporate style, a palette of body colors. As for the sports version of the car (RX and RS modifications - an analogue of eK Sport), here we see a special shape of the front grille, in addition, “body kits” that improve aerodynamics are added. Nissan Otti is equipped with an inline three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 660 cubic meters. see, in addition to the conventional engine, there is a turbocharged option.
 From the eK models, the Otti interior is mainly distinguished by upholstery materials and the interior colors of the instrument panel and steering wheel. The glazing area of ​​the car is quite large, the body obviously gravitates to cubic forms. This, in turn, reduces the area of ​​the so-called “dead”, that is, unobserved zones, therefore it is simple and very convenient to operate such a machine. Sports versions of the RX and RS have an original “tidy” with a round tachometer dial and a large LCD speedometer (the odometer and fuel level are displayed on the same display). Nissan Otti has folding electric mirrors, power windows, an audio system with speakers front and rear, air conditioning. The E and RS models were equipped with 13-inch aluminum rims, while the RX models were equipped with 14-inch wheels, sports suspension and optional Recaro seats. In Otti with an “automatic”, a “sofa” is installed in front with a more comfortable fit. The standard for all models is the height adjustment of the driver's seat. Special equipment Noir Selection has special alloy wheels, black body color, the interior is also designed in black colors.

 The engine at Nissan Otti is traditional for key cars - in this case, the Mitsubishi 3G83 engine, a three-cylinder type SOHC. It is 50-horsepower in the naturally aspirated version and 64-horsepower in turbo models. Torque - 62 and 93 Nm, respectively. The greatest efficiency is provided in the zone of low and medium speed, and fuel consumption is 4.7-6.3 liters, depending on version. At the same time, the car can be equipped with both a mechanical 5-speed gearbox and an automatic 4-speed. All-wheel drive and front-wheel modifications are available in all trim levels. When developing the design of the chassis, the engineers managed simple solutions - an independent front suspension with MacPherson struts, and a rear suspension on trailing arms. Due to the low center of gravity, the car behaves perfectly on the road. Steering - rack type with an amplifier. The design of the brake system is standard: disc mechanisms on the front axle and drum mechanisms on the rear. Nissan Otti in comparison with other compact Moco station wagon (OEM model Suzuki MR Wagon) has a lower body height (1550-1570 mm against 1590-1600 mm) and a smaller wheelbase (2340 against 2360 mm), although the rest of the characteristics are the same and typical for key car: body length 3395 mm, width 1475 mm. The turning radius of the Nissan Otti is 4.4 meters. Interior dimensions: 1830 x 1220 x 1280 mm (L x W x H). The trunk is small. In order to carry more things, you can fold the rear seat backs - they add up to 50:50 (four-seater car), but not on a flat floor, but with a small step.

 Of the safety systems, the Nissan Otti basic package includes two front airbags (for the driver and passenger), three-point belts (front with tensioners and limiters), the standard for all versions is the anti-lock braking system with braking assistance and electronic distribution of braking forces. The body meets the necessary requirements of passive safety and is equipped with stiffening amplifiers in the doors.

 The appearance of the Otti model was partly due to a drop in sales of some Nissan models, which resulted in increased cooperation with Mitsubishi in the rapidly growing kei class segment as part of OEM supply. The correctness of this decision was shown in 2006, which saw the boom of small cars in Japan. And in the fall, Mitsubishi and Nissan introduced the next generation of their compact cars. By the way, the high eK station wagon that was developed by Mitsubishi was created as a result of a thorough survey of users. Advantages of the car: ease of operation, economy, it is convenient for shopping, easy to maintain, has good ground clearance. Disadvantages - cramped rear, poor insulation, stiff short-stroke suspension, weak atmospheric engine.