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Nissan President HG50, 3 generation, restyling 12.1998 - 12.2002

3 generation, restyling
(HG50) 12.1998 - 12.2002
GF-JG50, GF-JHG50, GF-PG50, GF-PHG50
3 generation, restyling
In 1990, the third-generation Nissan President was born. It became clear that it was developed on the basis of the Infiniti Q45 model, which debuted a year earlier. Due to the increase in the wheelbase, the passenger compartment area in the rear seat area was sharply increased, which made it possible to fully call it a “car for VIPs”.
 The equipment of the car is almost the same as the Q45 model: a 4.5-liter 8-cylinder V-engine, developing a capacity of 270 liters. S., 4-speed gearbox, independent multi-link suspension of all 4 wheels with hydraulic shock absorbers, limited slip differential fluid (LSD) in combination with a torque distributor (TCS). As you know, the Q45 model is designed as a high-end machine. The Nissan President model is evaluated in the same way: although this is a VIP car, but as for driving comfort, it is no worse than driving a Q45. Some time after the debut, the hydraulic adjustable shock absorbers were supplemented by a control system that made it possible to compensate for bends and bumps in the road surface so that the body remained stationary. The quality of the trim is not worth talking about. The interior design is similar to the Q45 model, but the materials are selected with even greater care. There is also the famous grade Connolly Leather. It should also be recalled that here for the first time in the world for rear seat passengers, SRS airbags were installed. In the lineup there was a modification of the JS, the wheelbase of which was the same as in the Infiniti Q45.