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Nissan President PGF50, 4 generation 10.2003 - 06.2010

4 generation
(PGF50) 10.2003 - 06.2010
4 generation
The car of the highest category for VIPs from Nissan. The fourth generation of the Nissan President family of cars. The previous model, as you know, was developed on the basis of the Infiniti Q45 car, this time based on the Nissan Cima model. But it should be noted that this base Cima is listed in the American catalogs as the Infiniti Q45 and is distributed through the Infiniti distribution network, so choosing a base model in favor of the Cima car should not mean lowering the high status of the President model. The car interior is VIP, so the main attention is paid to the comfort of the rear seats. Seating options: 2 people in the back + 2 people in front. The front passenger seat can be retracted far forward, such a seat design is provided as standard. The rear seat, which is located on the front passenger side, is made slightly wider compared to the seat that is behind the driver. In this way, the center of the rear of the cabin, as it were, is shifted to the side. And this, in turn, allows you to make the rear seat for the VIP passenger more comfortable. The cabin also has a multifunctional middle console, a table, an 8-inch liquid crystal TV screen. The same equipment can be installed in a 5-seater salon, but only in an additional order.

 If we take the appearance of the Nissan President car, then its difference from the Cima body is as follows. Firstly, the President model can be unmistakably recognized by a vertically stretched and larger grille. Then, along the enlarged front bumper. Further, when viewed from the side, decorative aluminum covers on racks will catch your eye. In short, the emphasized excess is the main distinguishing feature. The machine is equipped with a 4.5-liter engine with a V-shaped 8-cylinder, which comes in combination with a 5-speed automatic transmission.