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Nissan Pulsar N15, 5 generation, restyling 09.1997 - 09.2000

5 generation, restyling
(N15) 09.1997 - 09.2000
E-EN15, E-FN15, E-FNN15, E-HN15, E-JN15, KD-SN15, KD-SNN15, GF-EN15, GF-FN15, GF-FNN15, GF-HN15, GF-JN15
5 generation, restyling
The fifth generation of the Pulsar, which began production in 1995, a year later was complemented by the long-awaited sports modification called the VZ-R. It is equipped with a 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder engine SR16VE with automatic valve clearance adjustment. This aspirated engine produces 175 hp. and was designed to compete with Honda's VTEC engines.
  In addition to the 4-door sedan and 3-door hatchback, in the Pulsar lineup there are 3-door Lucino hatchback and VZ-R coupe. Each modification to one degree or another reflects the general sports orientation. Options VZ-R was produced in limited quantities and was created in order to undermine the unconditional leadership of the Honda Civic Type R in the arena of international sports competitions, but Nissan developers could not do this.
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