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Nissan Skyline V35, 11 generation 06.2001 - 10.2004

11 generation
(V35) 06.2001 - 10.2004
CBA-CPV35, UA-CPV35, GH-HV35, GH-NV35, GH-V35, UA-PV35
11 generation
In June 2001, three years after the release of the previous generation of Skyline, the “baton” was transferred to the model in the 35th body (V35). The eleventh-generation Skyline is very different from its predecessors. However, the appearance of a new car in itself was not so unexpected. Two years before this event, a car was announced at the Tokyo auto show, declared the future premium sedan and bearing the abbreviation XVL as the name. The new model, with a roomy interior and a powerful V6 engine, was announced as a Gran Turismo class sports sedan. As a result, the Skyline of the V35 series became a car that gained great popularity more in the American than in the Japanese market: it was created largely with the expectation of the USA, where it was officially sold under the Infiniti G35 brand.
 The new Skyline generation has set the bar high in equipment. The 2.5-liter engine has now become basic, the interior has been designed so that in all respects it matches the word “premium”. Ideal comfort is offered, of course, only for four: the passenger seats in the back row are like two wide seats, set against each other, with good lateral support, tilt adjustment and a huge common armrest in the middle, which can be removed in the back if you suddenly need to seat the fifth . The vehicle equipment includes: xenon headlights, leather steering wheel braid, electric windows, mirrors, front seats; multimedia complex with a 6.5-inch monitor, DVD-player, TV tuner, navigation; fully automatic air conditioning with separate climate control. The privilege of expensive trim levels is a leather interior, a climate system output for the back row, a BOSE audio system, heated seats, an electric sunroof, a remote key, a button start, etc.

 The 2.5 liter Nissan Skyline base engine delivers 215 hp. and is equipped only with a 4-speed automatic transmission, and this modification is the only one that offers not only rear, but also all-wheel drive (with the FOUR prefix in the name of the configuration). For some time, a 3-liter engine was used for the top versions - its power is 260 hp. However, a new engine was soon added, already a 3.5-liter one - its power was increased to 272 hp, and the maximum torque was 353 Nm (for a three-liter, for comparison - 324 Nm, and for the base one even less - 270 Nm ) But if the three-liter V6 offers a combination with a 5-speed automatic transmission, then modifications with a 3.5-liter engine are much more generous in this regard - here is a 6-speed “mechanics”, and a 5-speed automatic, and even a variator. Conceptually, the Skyline was proclaimed a premium sports sedan, "perfect for the 21st century," as a comfortable means of transportation not only for the family, but also for individual driving. This means excellent dynamic characteristics of the car, including excellent stability and the ability to stably hold the “horizon” plane in any conditions - when braking and accelerating, in corners and on a straight line, on good road surface and not very. All this extremely contributes to the comfort of passengers and is achieved due to the completely independent suspension of all four wheels, reduction of unsprung masses and the use of tires increased to 680 mm in diameter, as well as close to ideal weight distribution between the axles (52:48), etc. In addition, despite the long wheelbase, Skyline has good maneuverability - the minimum turning radius is 5.3 m (for 4WD - 5.5). To ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, Skyline standard equipment includes two front airbags, load limiters and seat belt pretensioners, ABS (anti-lock braking), EBD (brake force distribution), and Brake Assist (auxiliary braking) systems. In addition, the car has a new generation of high-strength body. In the top trim levels, active head restraints, an exchange rate stability system, side airbags and safety curtains are installed. The eleventh-generation Nissan Skyline has become even more solid and luxurious. Those who are aimed at such cars are unlikely to be confused by considerable fuel consumption (after all, there is a power of 215 or more horses here) and not too much ground clearance (the lower the more stable the track). In any case, it is one of the best sedans on the market, offering high comfort and excellent dynamic characteristics that fully justify the claimed claim to sportiness.
The eleventh-generation Nissan Skyline began to be produced in 2001, but only in 2002 the generation was replenished with a coupe body (CPV35). For some time this model was sold in North America as the Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe, and since 2003 it has already been offered in the domestic Japanese market. The Skyline Coupe has first-class sports car features and its own nuances that set it apart from the sedan. Despite the fact that the design of the dashboard of the cabin of this model is identical with the sedan, the seats and the center console are completely changed. The rear interior equipment was inherited from Fairlady Z. The car has original wheels of excellent design, in addition, this model is equipped with only (!) A 3.5-liter engine.
 The basic version of the 350GT includes 225 / 50R17 aluminum rims, xenon headlights and front fog lights, power front seats, remote key, power windows and mirrors, climate control, navigation system, LCD monitor with TV tuner and DVD player , in an interior - decorative inserts from aluminum. More expensive trim levels have a leather interior, electric sunroof, heated front seats, oversized rims - 18 and even 19 inches, as on the Skyline 3.5 350GT with a 6-speed “mechanics”, where, accordingly, a suspension with different, more sporty settings is used . Traditionally for the domestic market, special editions were issued, such as Premium 70th-II or Premium Stylish Leather, which feature an exclusive performance and an extended option. As already mentioned, only one power unit is intended for the Skyline V35 coupe - a 24-valve 6-cylinder V-engine DOHC with a 6-speed "mechanics" or 5-speed "automatic", just like in a 350Z car. Its power is 272 hp, and for cars of the 2004 model year it has been brought up to 280 “forces”. It inspires respect and torque - 353 (363) Nm. The specific power of the car is excellent - based on the total weight, only 5.5 kilograms per horsepower. This high-tech engine with a variable valve timing system also requires high-quality fuel - AI-98 grade.

 The Skyline Coupe has a multi-link independent sport suspension. Unlike the sedan, the redistribution of weight between the axles is slightly (only 1%) redistributed in favor of the front end, as a result, the ratio is 53:47. This is done to improve steering sensitivity. At the same time, if on the basic version the front and rear wheels, as is usually the case, use wheels of the same dimension, then on the more “evil” versions it is different. This is done in order to prevent even a minimal decrease in traction by reducing the load on the rear axle. Among other things, the coupe turned out to be 65 mm wider than the sedan and 75 mm lower. The clearance is also reduced - it is only 125 mm versus 140 for the sedan, which, of course, is not the best option for operation in Russian conditions, but this is a necessary payment for improved sports performance. Safety coupe is also provided at a higher level than the sedan. Firstly, the type of two-door body itself implies greater strength. Secondly, there is a wider basic list of equipment, which includes: front and side airbags, airbags, active head restraints, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with EBD (brake force distribution system) and electronic stability control. Of course, in terms of practicality, the Nissan Skyline in the back of the coupe loses to the sedan. But, on the other hand, he does not occupy exclusivity. This is a striking outwardly, very effective representative of the sports class, which has incredible dynamics and a host of other advantages that may interest thrill-seekers. Since this generation can already be considered obsolete - this is a significant plus in terms of pricing, while at the same time the vehicles are in good technical condition. However, too low prices for this exclusive car can not be expected.