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Nissan Skyline V36, 12 generation 10.2007 - 12.2015

12 generation
(V36) 10.2007 - 12.2015
12 generation
The twelfth-generation Skyline went on sale in November 2006. The new sedan (V36) was built on the FR-L platform, which is significantly tougher than the previous generation (V35 series). The dimensions of the model have not changed much - quite a bit (by 20 mm) the body has become wider and lower, and it looks very fit, as befits a rear-wheel drive sports sedan. Visually, the swiftness and power of his character is emphasized by the unique shapes of the lines of the body, which has excellent aerodynamics, the presence of a sports body kit, a “sharp” cut of the trunk lid with an integrated spoiler. In terms of amenities, almost nothing has changed, but the passenger space has increased slightly, most of all by adding to the length (140 mm), the quality of the trim has improved.
 The basic version of Skyline, as in the previous generation, is a modification of the 250GT. The car nominally received wheels with a dimension of 17 inches, starting the engine with a button, some new security systems. The standard for all versions remains the presence of xenon headlights and front fog lights, electric front seats, climate control, an LCD monitor with an integrated TV tuner. Later, the basic equipment included the side and rear-view cameras, previously offered as an option, a navigation system with HDD and traffic jam notification, and other attributes of a luxury car. In expensive versions, starting with Type P, an electric driver’s seat - with position memory; for the convenience of shifting gears, paddle shifters made of magnesium alloy (Type SP, Type S) are installed, and as an option, an active control system for all four wheels (4 Wheel Active Steering) is available. The changes affected the car twice - in 2008 and 2010. In the latter case, the design of the grille, bumper, headlights, alloy wheels, and also (in cars with automatic transmission) the center console has changed. The center armrest is now integrated with the console.

 Like the previous generation, Skyline V36 is equipped with V6 VQ series engines. The difference is in the absence of a three-liter version. The power of the base 2.5-liter engine increased to 225 hp, fuel consumption also increased, however, not too much. The next engine is already 3.5 liters and 315 hp. The transmission in both versions is a 5-speed automatic. Since December 2008, the 3.5 engine has been replaced by a new power unit - a volume of 3.7 liters (similar to that on the updated Skyline coupe). He received, respectively, a new 7-speed "automatic" with manual mode. The engine and transmission of the 2.5-liter model were left unchanged. Only she, as before, offers four-wheel drive. These modifications use the 4WD Attesa E-TS system with an automatically connected front axle, similar to that installed on other Nissan's original rear-wheel drive models.

 Skyline front suspension elements became aluminum, due to which it was possible to minimize weight gain. The car has retained its previous wheelbase. The front suspension has become a double wishbone, the rear - multi-link, lightweight and rigid design. In general, the car itself has become more “rigid”, having received a new platform with improved characteristics, new shock absorbers, as a result of which Skyline has become even more stable and more stable in motion. Innovations could not but touch the clearance - it is now 135 mm against 140 in the previous series. Talking about this as a drawback can only be applied to domestic road conditions. On the other hand, the car, on the contrary, has only become even better in terms of driving stability and handling.

 When it comes to safety aspects, the V36 series has become better in every way. About the platform and the body in particular, which has become more rigid on bending and torsion, has already been said. The list of standard equipment includes ISOFIX mounts, active head restraints; in addition to the front - side airbags and curtains. Of the active systems, there are ABS with EBD and an auxiliary braking system. Also added (albeit as an option): radar cruise control, adaptive road lighting system. In addition, the car can be equipped with an electronic stability control system. Skyline, which replaced a dozen generations, became even more athletic and aggressive. Right-hand drive cars look very advantageous in the secondary market - in fact, for the price of a new foreign car of a one and a half liter class you can buy, albeit a little used, a car with excellent characteristics and complete “stuffing”. At the same time, the technical condition of the majority of Skyline copies presented for sale is not in doubt. Of course, the vast majority of them - with an engine of 2.5 liters, as an advantageous option in many respects.
This model is a descendant of Skyline in the back of the 35th series coupe, which was an incredible success in the United States. The appearance of the car is very expressive: a long front and short rear overhangs, a low and wide streamlined body, protruding wings - all this gives the car a sporty, dynamic look. In the previous generation, a bet was made on only one engine - a volume of 3.5 liters. Such an individuality is preserved and now, only the new coupe is equipped with a more voluminous engine - a 3.7-liter V6, which has become an accessory of the top versions of Skyline sedans since 2007. So the delay with the release of the 2-door model is no coincidence - it can be read in it the desire of the manufacturer to equip the Skyline coupe with the most powerful engine in the engine range.
 The body of the Nissan Skyline Coupe CV36 is slightly wider than the sedan, longer and lower. A characteristic feature of the new Skyline generation has become a low hood - this is done not only in terms of style, but also for greater security. In the basic configuration, the car received 18-inch wheels, xenon headlights, an engine start button; remote control key, air conditioning with automatic control and other amenities, including extended power accessories, which includes, among other things, and electric front seats. The list of options is also extensive: a rear spoiler, a sunroof, review cameras, a BOSE audio system, the latest Carwings navigation system with a traffic notification function. The interior of the coupe has a high-quality finish with a wide use of decorative elements in wood and aluminum. The sports package of the expensive versions of Type S and Type SP includes a front bumper with three holes, 19-inch wheels, special sports brake calipers. Since 2008, the list of standard equipment has replenished with an intelligent air conditioning system, tinted windows and body protection from scratches. Since 2010, all this and the Carwings system have become the standard for all modifications.

 The Skyline Coupé is equipped with an advanced 3.7-liter engine with a stepless valve height adjustment (VVEL) system. The engine runs stably up to the highest revolutions, its power has increased (up to 333 liters. sec.) and efficiency - thanks to the VVEL system, fuel efficiency has improved by almost 10%. Initially, the car offered two transmission options: a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode and a 6-speed "mechanics". After restyling in 2008, the car already received a 7-speed automatic with manual mode from Fairlady Z. The option with a 6-speed manual transmission continues to be offered. Skyline Coupe front suspension - double wishbone. Rear - multi-link. In the sports version of the model, Nissan’s own development is introduced - the active four-wheel steering system (4WAS), which significantly increases the stability and controllability of the car at sharp turns. Unlike the sedan, the coupe has a lower center of gravity - for this the engine had to be installed 15 mm lower. The redistribution of weight between the front and rear axle is 55:45. The drive of the coupe is only rear, sports modifications are standardly equipped with an LSD differential.

 Since the coupe to a greater extent encourages "exploits", then the safety equipment here should be appropriate. And there is. By default, the car is equipped with front and side airbags, curtain airbags, active head restraints, an electronic stability control system, traction control, adaptive headlights, and also such long-established systems as ABS with EBD and auxiliary braking system. Of the available options - radar cruise control, a collision mitigation system.

 Nissan Skyline Coupe occupies a special position - this car is more for individual driving, for enjoying the dynamics and those thrills that can be experienced in dealing with this representative of the right-hand drive segment. And given the low prevalence of the model and the top level of equipment, it can be considered an exclusive representative of the sports class, along with its left-hand drive analogue of the Infiniti G37.