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Nissan Tino V10, 1 generation 12.1998 - 03.2003

(V10) 12.1998 - 03.2003
GF-HV10, GF-V10, UA-V10
1 generation
Classify this car is not difficult. Judging by its proportions, then this is the now popular "high" station wagon. If judged by the nature and set of doors, then this is a 5-door hatchback. Finally, if classified by the number of seats, then it most likely should be called a minivan. But if we assume that the luggage compartment will be actively involved in it, then, nevertheless, you can call it a generalist. And finally, looking at its front panel, I just want to classify it as a “specific” machine. In a word, a machine with an extended range of applications.
 Her debut took place in 1998. During its development, the Sunny platform was used, so the body turned out to be short and high, the interior - wide. With such original indicators, the car went to the court of buyers. If you pay attention to the specifics of the cabin, then this feeling of originality only intensifies. First of all, a three-component curved front panel, smoothly turning into door handles and door panels as a whole. But that's not all. The distribution of seats is truly original: three people in front and three in the back, totaling 6 seats. But buyers did not support this “uniqueness” too vigorously, therefore, after a small modernization that took place in 2000, a modification appeared in the model range with the usual distribution of seats and with their more familiar number (5). Engine and transmission: 2-liter 4-cylinder engine + 4-speed automatic transmission.